Was a lot of throwback Thursday pictures on Instagram today and I checked my archive too, there are so many good moments to remember 🙂


From my first long ride the 1st May 2012. 200km going over mountain and along the Hardanger fjord back to Bergen in Norway. Was a magical day and the ride I will always remember. The start.






Looking forward for an even better 2016 😀 Aiming to be as good so I can eat more ice cream when we stop and be able to enjoy both sun and rain (we can all hope)

coffeeride without coffee but with great people

Sometimes you just got it. Haven’t ridden my roadbike since saturday and felt the resting in my legs. 29,6km/h to work and a personal record I think. After a good day at work seeing THE cx of 2016 I met up wit 8(?) others for a great ride in the sun.

Rode in front feeling good, attacked after a while. Rode fast on a flat section before trying to take some wind but was a bit too hard. Caught my breath for a second and then up the first real long climb. 1,2km with a couple of flat sections. Didn’t attack in the start but pushed on a bit and got Emil’s wheel on the flat middle section. Attacked in the last climb and it was hard, but felt good.

Did some attacks, laughed a bit, enjoyed the company and sun and. Cafécykling from Le Mond is really nice with natural intervals with different types of people. After passing Skurubron on the way back me and another guy aimed for the first climb, and Strava segment. 200m segment at 9% for the steepest part. Didn’t start to hard but when it got steep I showed how fast a Allez can be, geared the wrong way in the middle so had to slow down and gear back down before I pushed again. A bit too far but today it felt like I could push even when it felt really hard. Got a KOM 😀

So fun ride, here some of us:

Map and stats: Strava

And a picture from Emil:

Riding fast, going by ferries, enjoying the sunshine

Sunny sunday today and is there anything better than enjoying it with 2 good friends riding nice roads? Met up with Emil and Jimmie at bikecafé Le Mond today and headed through city to go to Vaxholm, like around Lidingö 😉

Stopped at a café at Siggesta Gård and got some fika too

Awesome ride that felt better than I thought after the ride yesterday and as it was my 6th day in a row of training. No training tomorrow, just commuting 🙂

Map and stats of the 4h today: Movescount

Now I hope you’ve cycled today or watched the XCO World Cup. Otherwise there should be replays of it available now 🙂