MTB in Canada

I’m not a DHguy so won’t write about that. I’m a XCguy having found more travel but still want to sprint and go fast uphill.

While I was in Canada last week I rode an afternoon alone testing a Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt I always thought would be good. The 710 I tried had really bad components but the geometry and feel of the bike was as great as I hoped for 😀


The 2nd and 3rd day I rode mostly with Susan and Annica and changed bike for Devinci’s AM model Django at RS level. Pike and Sram 1×11 made the bike work so much better but I never became friend with geometry, the head angle felt too steep but it wasn’t:


But the trails, they where magic. Not too steep uphill and not too scary downhill. Best biking I’ve ever had, there is something when you riding fast and laughing on a mtb that makes life a bit better than sitting on another type of bike. Finding the flow and just keep on pushing, to be on over 1000m with gorgeous views helped too. Moonraker and Mountain Shadow Trails in Golden, BC isn’t the biggest systems but for some days it was perfect. Instead of writing a superlong post about how I rode I show you the pictures, press to make them bigger: