New day :)


Ready for the wet commute I got a pair of new waterproof shoe covers. Feels like I’ve tried and worn out some now and we’ll see how long these GripGrab Raceaqua works, felt good. From Cykelkraft

And to get ready for tomorrows 200km I changed bearings in my Roval SLX24 wheels. From regular steel to Enduro Zero Ceramic, black and red is the new:


Rode to work with a pair of Roval CLX40 with hybrid Ceramic Speed bearings inside that spins forever. On my way home with low profile wheels with Roubaix instead of Turbo tires the Zero Ceramic bearings felt a lot smoother. Like when changing from regular hubs to ones with hybrid (just ceramic balls) bearings like in Roval CLX, DT180 and so on. You notice the difference. Now it was one step extra 😀

So my bike got ready for tomorrows sunny ride:


And finally. After buying a new set of cleats last summer in Nice for my Sub6 shoes that I never changed on… Got a pair of S-Works6 shoes that I mounted almost new cleats on then, cleats that broke last week when riding to Torö. Couldn’t sprint as the front broke. But tonight the shoes got new cleats:


As much as I ride I think I have to change more often 😉

THE bike: Project16

Like a child at Christmas everytime it happens. My new roadbike is almost finished, finished enough to be showed, finished enough to have been testridden and finished enough to make the wait for spring way too long…


Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc

Specialized S-Works Shallow 400mm handlebar

Specialized S-Works Toupe 143 saddle

Specialized S-Works S-Works 172,5mm crankset

Specialized S-Works Rib Cage II bottle cage

Sram Force 1 hydraulic disc brakes

Sram Force 1 rear derailleur

Sram Force 1 50t chainring

Engage Revit 27,2x310mm seatpost

Engage Torque 90mm stem

Sram Red22 11-25 cassette

Sram Red22 chain

Cannondale Si expander/topcap

Fi’zi:k Superlight 2mm bartape

Mavic Ksyrium SLR pedals

Roval Rapide CLX 40 disc tubular wheelset

Sram HSX 140mm rotors

Tune Q20/DC17 Quickreleases

Vittoria Corsa CX/SC tubulars

Weight: 6,46kg (without tubular glue)

Not as much colour as last year, not as many gears, not as high wheels, not as light. But the target was a faster, cleaner, simpler but made to go further and be more comfortable than the Allez. I love the future with disc brakes and after many thoughts and non understanding it felt like 1×11 drivetrain was the way to go for me when I live here in flat Stockholm.

As usual every bit on the bike has a thought behind. So let’s spread the joy and wait for spring 😀

S-Works 5 vs S-Works Sub 6

But first: Thalita De Jong is the new CX World Champion!

Had in mind of writing something different today but I got good friends that I wanted to spend time with so will do it tomorrow or monday. Instead a comparsion. Last year I got a pair of Specialized S-Works shoes, so good many pros not even sponsored by Specialized uses them. With green insoles and Time Xpresso cleats:


They were 38g lighter than my old Mavic Zxellium Ultimate shoes. Now 2016 with me who likes to look fast my new shoes got up on the scale, complete with green insoles like my last shoes and with a pair of new Time Xpresso cleats:


65g saved of rotating weight 😀 Looking forward to spring more and more (and thinking of a simpler pair of shoes for bad weather)

Project 16 continues

Got the first and last package with parts yesterday. Shorter valve extenders, pedals and a lighter QR for my rear wheel.

Sure, Specializeds QR are good but light aren’t they:


Changed for a Tune DC17, great lightweight QR:


The pedals I thought of getting a pair of Time Xpresso 8 like I have on my Allez or 10 but changed my mind as I’m trying to get under 6,5kg (which will fail) so wanted a pair of Xpresso 12. Only available in black and red which won’t suit my bike I found Mavic Zxellium SLR Ti pedals which are the same as Time Xpresso 12 but with different logo and all black. Seems great and really like the Time function. Here with a couple of pedalshims which I use after the BGfit I did last winter:


All ready for spring, Allez printemps

Changed my handlebar after a bikefit, shortened the fork a bit, shortened brake housing and got a new bar tape I’m soon ready to ride on road, fast.

Will shorten the front derailleur housing a bit maybe and adjust the gears. Then I will ride, all day long 😉 Or just sometimes when it suits.

Yesterday I finish a superbike, a Specialized Tarmac Kwiato, with Dura-Ace Di2, high end Roval carbon fibre wheels and all S-Works you could thing of. With 2 bottle cages but without pedals that bike (size 56) was 6,66kg.

My Allez that doesn’t even cost half of the Tarmac ended up at 6,64kg as on the picture. Including pedals 🙂

Should have hypergreen tires too 😉 27mm Vittoria Pavé.

Wrote a while ago that I should get a Engage handlebar but found out I could get a Specialized S-Works shallow bar in time anyway, but women’s version. Almost the same except a logo and flare but should have been nice. Now the men’s version was in stock and two days ago one came in size 40cm. Lighter and cheaper than Engage 😀

5912g motivation a.k.a complete Ridley Helium

Missing two endcaps for the brake wires and will change the silver ones on gearwires for red. But except that it’s finished just like it should be. The plan was to build a classy bike with no special weightweenieparts. It didn’t went all perfect but I’m the one who I am 😉 So today my Engage Gavial brakes got their b-t-p brake shoes mounted:

IMAG0527 IMAG0525


182g for a pair of brakes instead of old Super Record at 286g. Will be even lighter when I’m changing brake pads from yellow Swiss Stop to Reynolds that seemed really good 🙂

The things on the bike that helps me prove I’m not just building light is my 256g Deda Newton shallow handlebar, that I changed to Rotor Q-Rings and have just a Chorus 12-25 cassette 😉



So now just waiting for my wound to heal so I can ride again, never wanted to ride a bike like now