DNS at Keps Cup

Not the sunday I was hoping for. Was hoping for a fun XC race in Flottsbro on great trails (without rain).

Was raining when we came to Flottsbro and the course was super slippery. A lot of small sharp stones on the startloop and then rocks and roots all over the course. Great course but not for me today. My new shoes haven’t been perfect and tried a few different tweaks and has been almost good some days. Today it was a catastrophe, my right foot was squeezed under my left ankle and every time I lifted my rear wheel over something or standing up I felt it. Really hard the 2-3 times I had to take my foot down. So after riding a test lap I decided not to start. So instead I borrowed my saddle to a friend who broke his and stood on the side watching and taking some pictures.

Testlap here: Movescount

And here are the pictures from the race. If you want to use some, please link to my blog and I will be happy 🙂

And if someone is interested in a pair of Specialized S-Works XC shoes (used 105km) in size 42,5 with brand new inner soles, send me a comment: