Autumn ride after work

Last mtb training with the local club today. 10 riders so was just one group and I rode the day at the back to not ride too fast in the front 😉 Nice ride with a tempo that never made me lock my fork and was even riding the rear damper on Descend a lot today. Jsut playing around without having to ride slow. Great tempo.

Happy enough to even made to really hard and technical climbs. On the last one with a lot of stones I was slipping a lot but got grip and got up 🙂 Fun when it feels impossible at a moment and still make it 🙂

Gathering after a climb and changing guide:

Really nice with a full suspension bike on the climbs 🙂 Gets dark early now so was a bit to dark in the end but okey. Back home after 1h54min effective time 🙂 Aiming for a long nice CXride tomorrow 😀

Map and stats: Movescount

2h great mtb training and a Legend (let’s say 2)

Was out with Tønsberg cyclingclub this evening on some training for Birkeinerittet this weekend. I’m not going but thought it was good to get some speed. Thought it would be hard for me to keep up on mostly easy trails with my Remedy but perfect today. Hard sometimes and sometimes not, some nice trails and som hard climbs 🙂 Was out on Nøtterøy and rode some new trails, endles of options on that island. Unfortunately Movescount doesn’t work so can’t show you any map over the ride yet. 

Instead I can show you a picture of a legend, and a friend, Rune Høydahl who won the XCO Master World Championships today in H45-49 in Lillehammer. He have won world cups in both XCO and DH before but never been world champion until now:


Another Legend is this bike that Controltech showed on Facebook today. a titanium Legend Queen: