you can’t buy happiness, S-Works Toupe

Tried a couple of saddles but Specialized Toupe feels best. Strange as I usually doesn’t like flat saddles. And after been used to slippery carbon saddles I new a saddle with low friction like the new Specialized saddles has. S-Works model because I can:

But no matter how good this is and looks on my Crux it couldn’t get me riding today. 13° C, a lot of rain and some wind is to bad to be rolling through Stockholm for racing 40min and roll back. Feels like it would just end with a cold and less cycling the coming week.

If you’re taking an easy sunday like me. Don’t miss the last stage of Boels Rental Ladies Tour that is sent live on at 14.00

Le Peloton #39

Today I found out the ”bad” thing with riding Le Peloton. It never goes faster, it just get harder.

A big group today and it felt pretty good. I tried to hang on, did more turns than usual and never got dropped for real. Up to Fisksätra it felt ok but afterwards it maybe was the hardest thing I’ve done on a roadbike. I was very close to drop up Hellas but claimed me on a wheel. And coming to Älta trying to cover a gap in the front I felt like I should throw up. But i was still there. Did well up Lindalen and I was there. After the last straight I tried to hang on another guy who attacked and caught him with my legs standing straight out, rised again and pushed all I had to the Enskededalsign.

Not the fastest Peloton I’ve done but the hardest. And it was a great time. Great to feel good and feel the difference from spring where I got dropped real early. Let’s hope this will continue.

Ended as usual at café Le Mond and today we got cake to celebrate Nils and Johanna’s wedding. Two great pelotoners. Didn’t got them on a picture but one from Le Mond. Inside today as it was raining a bit:

And the bike making it all be possible for me. My fastest bike I’ve owned:

Map and stats: Strava