CX World Cup Valkenburg, the replays

If you like me missed see the racing live yesterday you can watch the replay. See how Sanne van Paassen passing a lot of people and great english battles:

And the men’s race, haven’t seen it all yet myself:

GP Mario de Clercq, CX Ronse

First CX race this season for the world champ today, Omega Pharma – Quick-Step stylish kit:


And as he is the world champion Stybar can have his bike like he wants. Specialized doesn’t have any Crux CX bikes with cantilevers for 2015 but Stybar got some 😉


So world champ, light bike, Sram CX1, aerohelmet = win?

He caught Mathieu van der Poel on the first lap and lapped as #1 but then it became a bigger group. Then Sven Nys showed himself with an attack and then the race was over. Sven Nys was just better today and Stybar was dropping a bit.

1. Sven Nys – Crelan – AA Drink

2. Mathieu van der Poel – BKCP-Powerplus

3. Klaas Vantournout – Sunweb-Napoleon Games

4. Kevin Pauwels – Sunweb-Napoleon Games

5. Lars van der Haar – Giant Shimano Development Team

6. Tom Meeusen – Telenet Fidea

7. Wout van Aert – Vastgoedservice Golden Palace

8. Zdenek Stybar – Omega Pharma – Quickstep

The womens race was missing live stream 😦 but got some results:

1. Sophie de Boer – Kalas-NNOF

2. Helen Wyman – Kona FFSA Factory

3. Jolien Verschueren – Wielerteam Decock-Woningbouw Vandekerckhove

Zdenek Stybar is CX World Champion again!

Started from the 4th row with number 40 on his back. Was first after one lap and then he and Sven Nys raced the hole race together. Awesome racing with the two best cyclocrossers in the world. Only sad thing is Stybar’s helmet, why that ugly Specialized aerohelmet? Too long.

Skärmavbild 2014-02-02 kl. 16.05


1. Zdenek Stybar – Czech Republic

2. Sven Nys – Belgium

3. Kevin Pauwels – Belgium

4. Klaas Vantornout – Belgium

5. Tom Meeusen – Belgium

6. Lars van der Haar – The Netherlands

Fast Belgium riders. So let’s hope Stybar races some more cyclocross races last year and start planning the trip for the World Championship. Next year in Tabor so home country for Stybar and he knows how to win as he won there last time 😀

The National CX day

Or why not National Road day? Starting with that. Today won Simon Gerrans and Gracie Elvin the national road championships in Australia.

Back to Europe there has been a lot of National CX Championships today.

Italy: Eva Lechner and Marco Aurelio Fontana

Switzerland: Lukas Flückiger

Germany: Philip Walsleben

The Netherlands: Lars van der Haar and Marianne Vos(?)

France: Francis Mourey

United Kingdom: Helen Wyman

Belgium: Sanne Cant and Sven Nys

Sven Nys won his 9th national title. But maybe Wellens was even happier showing that he could ride fast ending 3rd. Rob Peeters 2nd.


Trek Boone tech

Some things move the development forward. Sram started with disc brakes on CX for real. Focus sat the standard of brake wiremount for cantilevers connected on the fork instead of on top of the headset. Shimano sat the world class winning Di2 standard podium groupset. Ridley shows that you can be CXbrand with a lot of different bikes instead of just one. A. Dugast sat the tire standard. Zipp started with wider rims. Cannondale came with better cranks with BB30.

Trek tried to put their part to the stack too. Listenning the world cup winning Katie Compton and a bit on Sven Nys in the end of the development of their new Boone. The new bike got some cool things and some less cool things. Less cool things is their BB90 where you can’t use all cranks like with BB30 and you are pretty stuck with their seatmast. Like all frames with ISP and odd sizes. But cool things if you keep it standard is the lovely seatstays without any bridge making if really clean when using disc brakes. The put a chaincatcher bolted on, like some other brands also have. The thing I hadn’t seen before was the battery mount. My thought of a ISPframe is just expand it inside the top of the seat tube, simple. But Trek did like Campagnolo and thought of weight distribution and mounted it in the bottom of the seat tube, seems like it’s connected to the bottle cage mount.

Can watch an interesting video about it here:

What features do you like on one or another CX frame? The carrying features on the top tube on Yeti or Colnago for example? Sram CXX1? Flared handlebars? Internal wires? Trek’s Isospeed or Cannondale’s SAVE to get better comfort?

CX: Grote Prijs Sven Nys

The year starts with Sven Nys day!

All focus on him and his new Crelan-AA Drink Team with new Trek bikes. His got his own race. Not only we but he also knows he is the best so he dropped everyone else to win the race in pure class. But the day wasn’t all good. Marianne Vos managed to keep up with the fast Katie Compton until she punctured on last lap outside the pits and had to back some meters and change bike, lost the victory to Katie Compton.



1. Katie Compton – Trek Cyclocross Collective

2. Marianne Vos – Rabobank/LIV-Giant

3. Nikki Harris – Young Telenet-Fidea

So first day with Trek Boone CX bike and they got 2 out of 2 wins and 2 wins with just 3 riders 😉 Great start.



1. Sven Nys – Crelan-AA Drink Team

2. Zdenek Stybar – Omega Pharma-Quick Step

3. Niels Albert – BKCP/Powerplus

Last CX race for the season for Zdenek Stybar, really said as he should race the Czech National Championships and World Championships too if I could decide.

Sven Nys on the new Trek Boone!

Sven Nys team Crelan-Euphony is changing to Crelan-AA Drink and they are changing for the old school Colnago to Trek. Colnago hasn’t developed so much in the end even when sponsoring two of the worlds best riders Sven Nys and Niels Albert.

After discussions and dreams from Trek they signed the changed Crelan team. To be available to get feedback from the best men CXrider in the world to help them develop the best CX in the world. And taking the step forward with getting a American huge brand in the European scene. Specialized only got Zdenek Stybar that races some races just and Cannondale doesn’t have any big riders in Europe.

Trek has with feedback and help from on of the best women CXriders this year, Katie Compton. Maybe not my favorite but I can’t say anything else then she’s fast and good on CX. She helped Trek develop their new carbon CX also based on their Domane. The bike is called Boone:

And as Sven Nys is using Shimano and got the at the moment only working hydraulic disc brakes for choice and for the future they also got it for discs. Here with the new riders on the press release today:



The story behind it all is available to read here: CX Magazine

Great when companies want to develop and Sven Nys is the man to develop Cyclocross in the world, making it bigger, better and more available.