the geometrical advantage (on a roadbike)

There is many parts you can do better on a bike. Improve aerodynamics like a Venge Vias. Improve the weight like my SuperSIX Evo I had:

You can improve the fit of your bike with a BGfit for example:

But a thing you can’t improve on a bike is the geometry. The last thing you can change and then you change bike.

Like the Trek Madone 6.2 I had last year:

It was superstiff and it felt really fast, really fast. The biggest downside with that bike was that I didn’t use it enough 😉 but also the toptube, it shouldn’t make any difference but I felt it was too low.

And yesterday after riding my Specialized Crux cyclocross on road and a bit fast it didn’t feel as good as a roadbike. Because of geometry.

My Crux feels faster than my old Cannondale SuperX but they are pretty similar in geometry except bb height, chainstay length and the fork. Small small changes that makes a difference.

Cannondale have their Synapse, Specialized got their Roubaix as the best example. They are a bit longer, not as racy as a SuperSIX Evo or a Tarmac. People may talk about weight but it doesn’t differ so much if anything. The big thing is geometry and the small changes that makes the complete feel of the bike differ.

I believe that brands that have been on the market for a while with great success makes bikes that handles better than brands that just put their sticker on a cheap frame from China. There isn’t from nothing people talk about the riding feel of riding a nice Colnago for example.

Have you ever thought about geometrical differences between frames before changing roadbike?

Giant Cup, Sram Wireless, New Fork and so on

  • Almost died today. Was racing Giant Cup #8 in Krokstadselva. A area perfect for trail/enduro with gravel uphill and super fun trails down. But today it was XC on trails up and down, thought of quiting after 7min working so hard to come nowhere. Won over my mind and rode all 3 laps. In the end of last lap when I should get off my bike and walk up a climb I fell. My leg didn’t manage to stand and I was to tired to stop the fall. Knew that I did my best at least 😉 Map and stats: Movescount
  • Sram Wireless seems to be on the market soon:  More pictures here: RBR
  • And tomorrow I will order a new fork for my Remedy. First step of getting it a kilogram lighter. Found DT XMM 140 27,5″ at 1570g. But is there a better light fork?
  • Anyone who wants to buy my Fox Float Factory 34, 140mm for 27,5″?
  • Anyone who wants to buy my Trek Madone 6.2?

riding and cycling caps

Friday evening and no plans=bike riding. Rode with a friend in the sun this evening, great thing to ride a roadbike in good weather in the evening, almost as good as riding early in the morning. Only thing missing was a classic bike like the new one I’ve found. De Rosa Corum:

Steel, custom geo, Campagnolo. But is it classy enough to be compared with a Colnago C50?

Anyway, now Movescount is back on track and I can share a map and some stats to prove I’ve been riding today: Movescount

Cycling cap

Read a nice discussion a couple of minutes ago on cycling caps on the podium. Nowadays most riders use a baseball cap on the podium, wannabe baseball players? What do you think? OPQS with Tony Martin knows how it should be with a proper worn cycling cap:

Manque de France

But I’m back riding a bike again. Was hard today and my legs wasn’t so used to pedal as I remembered it last time. Not so warm either.

Started with a plan of 1h easy spin in good weather. The easy spin part I don’t know about but felt slow at least, rode along the coast to Åsgårdstrand and up the climb I really dislike and to Barkåker and Sem before I got home after 74min. Manage to take some picture too. Missing France as the blogpost name means so used french shoes, pedals and bibs today 😉

And a jersey with french text on 😉

and thought of geometry and fit today. If someone buys my awesome Trek Madone 6.2 I will get THE classic bike 🙂

Map and stats from today (don’t look at the heart rate): Movescount

Vestfold Sightseeing

Left home 10.15 today with the goal to ride far and get very tired just wheelsucking. 5h with 3 elite riders sounds hard.

Got some Nature Power Nutrition from Multipower at Veloshop (so easy to eat no matter temperature). And then headed towards the meeting place. Bugge was very late so started with a long talk with my Joker boss. Left half an hour later than planned and aimed for Hvasser, a nice harbour out on an island. Rode some new roads for me that I will remember instead of just riding straight like I did to the worlds end last tuesday. Really warm with over 30° C.

Stopped in Hvasser after I had ridden 1h39min and got something to drink from the local Joker store and enjoyed the sun. Then the discussion started about boats that never ended, we should have a boat.

Rode back to the mainland and stopped at Bryggan in Tønsberg to come up with where to ride. Rode to Ringshaug (bathing place). Met Bugge’s brother and the Norwegian U23 National Champion for a chat before we decided to take a bath. Warm and super idea, dried fast in the sun:

After a while there we rode home again. Martin left at my place for Stokke. Niklas a bit earlier to Nøtterøy together with Bugge who rode a bit extra before going to Horten. Slacker ride with more thoughts on why we didn’t have a boat instead of cycling. 😉

The ride of today that made me tired and ready for a 9 day rest (working with Team Joker in France): Movescount

back in yellow

Back in my Mavic Zxellium Ultimate shoes again today, perfect 🙂

Rode with my boss after work today, a nice Trek Madone 6.2 couple on the roads. I started with an intervall to try a climb before we met, think I will try to train serious later in august. Then we rode some nice roads, didn’t have any food or any plan so was pretty soft. Felt good riding with an easy pace (for me) that I think is very hard to do alone and feels like you sometimes need to slow down and just ride too.

Happy riding too 😉

So back home after 3h and 17min as you can see here: Movescount

Now recharge for the months last training with the fast people tomorrow.

Worlds end and how to make a super bike

Got out on my bike today after work, with the thought that I can’t just lay on the sofa after riding so much last week. Planned an easy ride to Worlds End and back. Eating an ice cream too.

A little headwind and something wrong with my shoes (sad to say but my Mavic’s feels better than my Sidi’s) made me have a harder time than I planned. But awesome weather 🙂

Came to Worlds End and they didn’t have any ice cream 😦 Took a selfie instead:

On the way back it felt better, never on the small ring in front and even felt fast at some moments. Great feeling and I think that this Fana IL jersey from Craft is the best jersey I got, perfect fit, feels light, a zip pocket in the middle and even opening the zipper in front halfways it sits tight.

Map and Stats of today: Movescount

Talked to a friend about Trek Madone, think the bike can’t be ridden slow. Think I ride it on the edge. Maybe easier with a bike like this:

114km with the latest

Rode with La Lepre Stanca this morning, a bit early as we started at 7 o clock but survived. Many small nice roads and great company, maybe with a bit too good legs 😉 My legs missed power so hard in the uphills.

Started with 7 riders for the first hour and a quarter then we splitted into one group going back to Jönköping and one group going longer. One guy left a short bit after remaining was my, Henrik and Tomas. Great roads with this one of the boring parts (easy to take a photo on a straight road)

2 SuperSIX Evo and my on a Madone, would have been funny if I kept my Evo too 😉

Map and stats of today with hard legs: Movescount

Think it will be a rest day tomorrow as I’ve ridden 5 days in a row, a lot for me.

roadbiking, like 2 years ago

2 years since I last rode a road bike here around where my mum lives. Today I got company of a friend and we rode 40km around the two Hålsjöarna (lakes close to here) on small roads where it shouldn’t be any cars but was a couple.

A bit cloudy but we missed the rain and the 86min went pretty good. Maybe I’m getting into some kind of shape again 🙂 New crankset with 172,5mm arms instead of 175 and 6,5mm slimmer Q-factor. Felt really nice. Great with 25mm Vittoria Corsa SC tires too 🙂