3h to 2h13min = fast bike?

My bike is aero, my bike is fast, my bike got Campagnolo, my bike got a Clavicula crank.

I planned a 3h ride. changed for a bit longer when I was on my way back home and came home after 2h and 13min. My body isn’t in good shape so have to be the bike 😉

Or that everything is so close here. Had great tailwind or no wind up to Horten. Passed Horten and going towards road 35 in great weather with ocean view:

Was happy:

And then the wind came. Headwind, uphills, crosswind and big fields not slowing the wind down. Survived but maybe a bit too hard riding. When I came to road 35 and steerer towards home it was more wind. First 10min headwind on a flat road on a open field until I came to Revetal. Afterwards the road still was boring but some small turns and ups and downs. Turned towards Ramnes to get rid of some wind. Ended up with headwind and uphill, hmm.

My bike didn’t care, it just kept on. Even got me thinking that I maybe should keep it instead of changing to an older bike, hmm. Rode a bit easier than usual from Sem and came home in sunshine.

Great soloride after work anyway and the bike was funny afterwards. Was taking the bottles out and I lift the bike while trying to get both out the same time. Light bike or strong bottle cages? 😉

Map and stats: Movescount

too long for now, or just good for me?

One of my bosses has a training target to get better than me. I have a target to not let that happen 🙂

And today I had road riding on my ”schedule”. Need some power and endurance and in the forest here it’s always like 1,5h riding and always turns and things that makes you restart a bit. On the road there is just a road, and here around there are many roads. Many small roads going everywhere and without long steep climbs. Today I road a bit like I’ve ridden before but in another composition. Stopped to look at the map and took a selfie 😉

Went south and thought a bit of riding to Larvik to get like 3h. But almost after this picture I met a guy, Trond I think he’s name was and we rode together. He was going to Sandefjord and I felt that maybe I should ride longer with a bit better preparation than a day at work and not so much food before so joined him and rode through Stokke on the way home to not just ride straight north. Had to stop in Stokke for some food, that shows how used I am to ride over 2h now. Sad.

Was a time in Bergen when I didn’t have any problems riding 4-5 hours. Aiming to get back to that. Riding technical singletrack on mtb and loong rides on road. Riding for a long time through nice landscapes with friends is really fun and the best you can do on a road bike.

2h22min today so not so far but still ok. Map and Stats: Movescount

Also thought on the ride today about future plans. Thinking of getting a Colnago C50 or something really classy with Campagnolo Chorus, classic bar, Mavic Ksyrium SLR tubulars and so for next year. Classy great build, with great ride quality and just begging for ride more often and longer 🙂

On the other hand my Trek Madone 6 is the best road bike I ever have had. Really like my position, really like how stiff it is, how good it rides. And the Kammtail tubes with flat rear is really cool. The fork feels super and like the feel of it, so thin and feels like it’s almost not hollow 😉

The third option is to get rich and get one of these new beauties, Colnago V1-R:


What do you think?

riding on asphalt

It happens once in a while that my roadbike is coming down from the wall and take me for a ride. Like today. Road north and turned to Revetal to ride some new roads with some up and downs:

A small road with just one car that passed me just before Revetal. Awesome

Good thing with not riding so often on road here is that I can always ride new roads and every time sitting on my Trek Madone 6 I notice how stiff and light it is 🙂

When I came to Revetal I took the straight way home, and it was really straight, too straight:

Map and stats: Movescount

easy spin in the sun

Like always there is coming customers the last minutes, how come it’s always like that? Sold a bike on overtime with fenders, luggage carrier and bike stand, and two helmets. And then helping a guy for Tour of Norway next week, had to take a longer way home too as it was an accident on the motorway.

Late home and my plan of a couple of hours roadbiking on nice roads almost changed to nothing at all. But my roadbike is collecting dust and it was sunny outside so had to get out 😉 Rode a little more than an hour so boring regular road up to Åsgårdstrand and along the coast on the way back. Riding a bike and watching out over the ocean in sun is always nice:

IMG_20140514_191953 IMG_20140514_192010

Would be nice with a cycling vacation with someone and ride on small roads along the coast from Gothenburg to Strömstad in Sweden 🙂 Small towns, boats, sun, sea, sea, ice cream and just enjoying. Until that this will do,


Map and stats: Movescount

Let’s hope the weather stays good as it’s raceday tomorrow 😀 next Giant Cup and even when I’m not fast or there is a category for me I love racing.

Up and the added stiffness

Was out training today again after work with 3 others. Intervals up a ”climb” was on the schedule but my first interval start when we got outside Tønsberg and Christopher found an extra gear and rode fast so was hard for me to hang on.

Came to Åsgårdstrang where the climb is, 1,9km and 83 altitude meters. The first 200meters is steep than it’s pretty flat but hard to go fast. Managed to beat my personal record with 24seconds the first time. Second time went really bad and I didn’t have motivation or legs to ride any harder. Said Thank you and left them to ride back home. Tailwind so went good, happy to ride with an average speed of 38,1km/h in 5,2km.

Map and stats: Movescount

Before all this I’ve tried to get my package from R2 bike. Is at the mail office but they got some computerproblem so can’t pay for it and get it out. Ended with that they are sending it here to Tønsberg instead of to my work as the post office here works. So hopefully I get it tomorrow or latest friday (holiday on thursday).

But put my Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 95mm stem on the scale today, thought it would be heavier:


Also put the coolest fork I ever had on the scale:


613g Lefty, or Black cat Bone Lucy is nice. Will build it up stiff first to try. Then will use both this and my old lovely damped Lefty when I feel for it. 1 AM hardtail and 1 gravel racer in 1 bike is the plan 😀

7h27min left

Ridden 19h51min this month, 7h27min to beat my Strava record 😉 There you can see how much I ride. Rode 8h28min in March and nothing in February.

Nice today when I got a message from a friend about riding after work. Took the bus home, pumped the tires, changed clothes and then out on the bike 🙂 2h37min soft riding with Joachim and Bent:


2 with Campagnolo and 1 with Shimano 🙂 Dreaming about more Campagnolo and better availability.

Great roads to ride on around Tønsberg and feels like I’m riding on new roads every time even without riding so far. Hoping to make some nice long rides this season and enjoying life on a bike. Thought of that today with a lot of talking and thought of my friend Henrik. Have to be my best friend to have on a long ride, can talk about everything and a great cyclist.

Map and stats of the ride: Movescount

back on the bike

Didn’t feel so good last week and this easter weekend I’ve got my mum and sister her visiting so no biking. But glued my sparewheel yesterday and today afternoon it was time to try riding my roadbike again. Even got clothes that said Madone to make it easier:


Super weather to so first ride in without arm- and legwarmers and first roadride with my white Sidishoes 🙂 Nicely matched with a pair of high white Kalas socks 🙂

Rode up north towards Åsgårdstrand and looked at the sea:


But not so easy as it looks, feels like I’ve never can ride easy alone. With my old Giro Ionos helmet after my Mavic helmet cracked:


In Åsgårdstrand there is a a ”climb” that starts with 10% but flattens out and the hole 1,7km climb is just 4% but hard enough for me and as I ridden there before I had to push a bit more to get new personal record. And I did, with 184 in average heart rate 😉 Still a lot to do get to the top but nice climb to test the legs in. Rode a bit further into the countryside and found a nice long flat (a bit down maybe) section and felt good riding over 40km/h alone with bad legs 🙂 Easier after I’ve passed the high way again and down to Sem. From Sem back to Tønsberg there is a around 3,5km total flat and straight road. Have to cross a road and make some small turns in the middle and over a bridge but like 15 altitude meters total. Tried to press hard and get some pace on that road instead of just whining about the wind and see how boring the road is.

Tired back to Tønsberg but felt nice to ride in the sun and be back on the bike. Made some small saddle adjustments in the beginning to and have to move the cleat on my left shoe a bit. Seat position is hard but feels really important

Map and stats: Movescount

my first road crash and broken dreamwheel :(

Was supposed to ride 2-3h on my Trek Madone today with some guys from CK Jarlsberg. Came about 10min until a car stopped at the wrong place and the guy in front of me braked fast as it wasn’t so much space on the side. I came after and didn’t have a chance so hit my front wheel in his crank and landed on my head.


Spitted a little blood, cracked my helmet and the worst, broke 2 spokes on my Cosmic Carbone Ultimate front wheel.


First ride on these lovely wheels on my Madone and a car driver ruins it all 😦