Änggården Gothenburg

First time in Änggården today. Seen a lot and heard some of the forest. Flowy trails with a lot of hills. Super nice and my bike felt awesome for the type of riding.

Really fun to meet a friend that I haven’t met since 2008.

4 riders and perfect weather. Said it will be an Enduro race in august, think it will be great with not too long climbs and fast flowy downhills with some tricky sections.

No picture or stats today, don’t have a good connection for my watch here so have to wait for monday

Invitational Nøtterøy

Got a message on Facebook about a ride on Nøtterøy after work. Thought of doing some homework but riding with some nice people on awesome trails (as usual on Nøtterøy) in 26° and sun isn’t possible to say not to 🙂

Been on the island before and ridden many good trails but none of them I rode today, many trails on that island. Only thing that wasn’t on top today was my tires, they still don’t like wet roots and stones but I’m learing to ride them anyway 😉

Got some nice views:

10488156_551653338290027_6404505962305021798_n 10492031_551653354956692_557233933065935291_n

Awesome downhills after both pictures with a great flow 😀 After the picture here on top was the best singletrack of the day I think. My remedy works so great so just have to know it and push full speed 😀 Maybe even better today as I have lowered the tirepressure from 1,6 to 1,5bar. Never ridden clinchers so low, with tubes.

So 1,5h today too showed here: Movescount

2,5 hour lovely Remedy

Everytime I get on my Remedy I’m like a child on Christmas, the bike just begs to have fun. A XCbike is great if you go fast and take right lines and stay on the ground. My bike want go fast, over everything but not decided if it like to be in the air or on the ground 😉

Rode with Tønsberg CK today on an easy ride with some fast climbs. Had a guy with Continentals new Speed King tires that had som crashes, a puncture and problem slipping. Wrong tires to use in the forest. My X-King was a bit slippy too but today I knew about it and with some flow it works pretty well over wet roots and rocks 🙂

Got guided to a new singletrack, flat with many roots, many turns and many small bridges. Really nice singletrack that reminded my about the singletrack around Mjögasjön link that I’m planning to ride on sunday.

A lot of gravel and asphalt today too but good tempo so didn’t have any problems to follow the hardtail 29er riders 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

And ending with a nice picture from Bukkerittet:

Bukkerittet 2014

Bukkerittet 2014

4h 163 average heart rate and a 9th place in my category is the results of today.

Maybe Norways best Marathon race on a mountain. Starting at around 800m over the sea and going up the first half hour to over 1100m. Rocky mountain singletracks where people puncture all the time, walks sometimes and have to cross waters and get around small windbent trees. Bukkerittet is magic if you got the right bike and body. I had the right bike 😉

After 15km I riding on a flat gravel road with 180 in heartrate I thought that I maybe should take it a bit slower to last the longest ride of this year. At 25km I felt som crampfeelings in my legs. But awesome conditions and the Remedy made the singletrack like dreams, so fun. But it came a little rain to, made the rocks a little slippery and I got to know that X-King 2,4″ Racesport isn’t good on wet rocks, result is this:

From my second crash today riding a bit to hard. Didn’t see it until I washed the bike this evening and no stress with it I think but should try to get a new seatstay.

Sucked on uphills, hate gravelroads on top of a mountain with a lot of headwind, love downhills the harder they are. Even tried to practice on Gaping today instead of just riding over 😉

After 40km my body started to react on that I have a bit to long stem and my back and arms hurt a bit, when you can’t ride as fast as you want downhill because you don’t have full power in your arms, then you know that you got some training 😉

It was a bit more gravel on the second half than I thought but today it was good as the singletrack took hard on my badly trained body.

Result of me today:

Cramped in my left leg in the end and the second last singletrack climb was very hard. Behind me you see some of the mountain we rode at. Happy that my bike worked well for Marathon races too and not just for playing around, and happy to not have punctured 🙂 Fun to ride at 41km/h on single track to, super flow 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

Just get a lighter fork and wheelset for next year, better trained and it will be even more awesome 😀 Now time for a lot of sleep as my body hurts.

Some pictures and norwegian race report from the elite: Terrengsykkel


News: Trek Fuel EX 27,5″

Trek Superfly ht=Fast and light

Trek Fuel EX 29er=long and big

Trek Remedy 27=Really playful and fun

You see here in Trek’s range, something is missing. The fun middlepart (haven’t tried Superfly FS). The bike if you want a trailbike but maybe thinks 140mm is way to much. The bike that Rocky Mountain came with this year. Thunderbolt with 130mm and really great bike. Now Trek comes with a competitor to that and a 27,5″ trailbike for everyone that wants a bit more travel but not to much.

Trek Fuel EX 27,5:


Great color too, in a way I think black and orange will be the new cool color for bikes (hint)

It’s available in a couple of cheaper models too:

image002 image004

At the moment I don’t have so much more information about it except that there is something new about the rear damper called Re:Aktiv and it will be available soon in Europe. Except Norway where it’s not even sure it will come 😦 Let’s hope the distributor change their minds about that.

What do you think?