Back at Vardås

Was a long time now since I was at Vardås and rode the nice trails that is there. Never been there for real with my Remedy for example. To the tops like this today:

First one with a nice downhill from there. Some technical parts but mostly pretty easy, great to start with. Then a long singletrack around the hole hill ending in wrong place so had to ride some extra on the asphalt. Up the normal road afterwards, a rode with a Strava segment I always thought of going all in on. Had the confidence today and went hard, no heart rate belt but you can feel when the heart rate passes 190 and all you taste is blood. Started a bit to hard, took it a bit easy in the middle and when I saw the end I geared up and stood on the pedals. Really hard but and blood doesn’t taste good. But great effort and 3rd overall on Strava.

Then a couple of downhills that didn’t went good at all I felt, felt a bit slow and sketchy. But PR on Strava so didn’t do everything wrong. On the top of Vardås Fort a bit resting and getting some good taste in my mouth instead of blood:

Riding away from that hill it was pretty wet and muddy but flat so okey. Failed a bit on a uphill and before coming to the start of a really nice Strava Segment I flew over my handlebar 😦 Not a big crash so tried to be a bit fast on a segment. No flow and ended with 2min when my PR is on 1.45min on a Trek Slash 7. But a rockgarden was really nice on the Remedy. On a normal bike it sucks, on a Slash you just go over and doesn’t care, on my Remedy I found a great line and it went great. Remedy is good for getting good lines, Slash is fast 😉

Down Supermans flow that Strava missed I felt pretty fast and was great fun 🙂

Went back home on asphalt, not as fun to ride alone as riding with friends. Last time I rode there we where 4 discussing lines, beating records and had a really great time 🙂

Map and stats from today: Movescount

Enduro in Kongsberg

Lesson from today: Got to train my brakingfingers 😉

I was in Kongsberg today and rode with a couple of friends. One on a Slash 7, one on a Remedy 9 29 and me on a Remedy 9 27. Trek ride 😉

Rode for 1h25min up to this:

548 altitude meters and here it is a bit over 700m over sea level.

Then we rode down, some tricky sections and some really fun ones 😀 Good use of the damping there. Ended at a place like this so we were not all the way down:

Super trails and good training with 3h45min effective time 😀

Map and stats: Movescount

I paused, I bleed, I complained

If you are interested in my complete ride: Look at it here: Movescount

But the memory of this evening will be about two Strava segments. Both downhill. First we rode once where Sebastian almost got KOM, Joachim said he was riding full speed but I felt fast holding his wheel and his line. Decided to ride up again so Sebastian could take the KOM.

Sebastian rode first and got his KOM. I rode after with full speed. The bike flew around the trail and I felt fast. Until I came a bit to close a tree, smashed my hand into it and lost some speed. Continued for full and the Slash really worked with me. Felt awesome sprinting to the finish. Then I take a look at my watch to pause as we where standing still. it says PAUSE!!!!!! I missed to start it before so I missed the hole segment. 😦 My life’s run and it was on Pause. Worst thing of today 😦

Up again to ride another run down and more back home. a segment with some nice singletrack in beginning, a part with a lot of roots before some great singletrack, a stone chest which I never managed before. The a really fast end with a couple of small technical parts just.

I rode first, didn’t start super but the bike flew over the stones so I began to be happy. Then I turned onto wrong (!) track. Saw it fast but had to turn around like 10m and Joachim flew by. Didn’t want to ruin it all so went all in and sprinted in the forest to go after him. Nice use of my 36-11 gear :). 187 in heart rate after so was hard. Ended with a personal record as I beat last weeks time from 3min14sec to 2min46sec. In a way I think my Remedy will be faster there 😉

Results with my super nice Grip Grab Racing gloves:


And hanged the Slash on my borrowed scale before I left home too. Only 13,3kg 😀 You should get one too

I had a Pike



This how it looked when we came back to the cars today.

Joachim and Erik should go to Kongsberg and as I had a Trek Slash 7 standing here I joined, demo bike from Veloshop. And what a bike.

14kg bike is a bit, over 5,5kg more than my Grammo so it was hard pushing it uphill half day 😉 But the function, climbing over roots and rocks like I wake up when I hear the word: ice-cream. On ”flat” singletrack it was really fun to and you can push as hard as your body allows, the bike just like it more and more. But sometimes it’s nice with a break:


Then it went down. First part wasn’t so technical except turns and a bit of mud. Not so happy about walking so far for that. But then after walking up a bit we found THE singletrack. Best singletrack for a long time and sometimes really technical, my Pike fork saved me and made me go faster as I didn’t have to worry about what’s under me. We were all smiles and Woho-ing there. In the end Joachim took this photo of me:

kongsberg slash

A bit funny riding a 19,5″ Trek Slash 7, should be way to big but with 40mm stem it feels spot on in length. Funniest Trek mtb I’ve tried so far.

Got some more super singletracks too. Walking back up one, really steep in a part with rocks and things but no problems to ride 🙂

Super day and really want a Pike on my next trailbike 😉 But is there any more suited bike for me than a Slash?

Map and stats: Movescount

Happy sundayride

Is there better way to spend a sunday afternoon then be out riding nice trails with a friend in summer sunshine?

My legs felt tired as fast as I sat on my bike today but when I came out to Vardås and met Joachim and Erik I didn’t feel anything. Enduro riding so ride/walk up and then we rode down, through som bad track and up a new hill. Down back and then back to the first hill. Up halfways and then Erik left us as his bike didn’t work as he wanted to.

Me and Joachim rode almost all the way up again and down some new track and then he showed me some of Nøtterøys finest trails. Not always perfect for a 29er hardtail but fun and great climbing with a hardtail, so much easier to move over and get power on the pedals. No sitting around and playing but I like it, missed hardtail a bit.

Here is Joachim riding up to a super nice trail:


He rides a Trek Slash 7 27,5″ which isn’t as good uphill as the Superfly I borrowed this weekend but he’s superfast downhill.

Thought of writing that we ended with the best downhill but I’m not all sure, so many nice downhills. Some are a bit too technical for a XC hardtail but nothing impossible. Rode down a steep section today that neither me or Joachim was sure that I would ride, but went fine. If you got confidence and riding smooth you can ride a lot even with a XC hardtail, and even with 2.0″ tires that I got. Gravel racing and grass tires.

Map and stats of the sunny sunday ride: Movescount