Scalpel 27,5 first ride



Borrowed a rear wheel from John, a Tune Race 2.0 front wheel from another friend so I could try 27,5″ on my Scalpel. Pacenti Quasimoto 2″ rear and Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2,25″ in front. Heavy rear wheel and light front. Looks awesome with this bigger wheels I think, tight racing look.

So how was it then?

Except that I forgot to check the air pressure before did it feel really good. Maybe to heavy gearing or too bad trained legs but except that it felt fast. Was around 1bar in the front tire so really soft but as I only rode on gravel and a short ride it worked but felt like the fork was on when it was locked and braking on the downhill felt a bit sketchy when the rim floats on the tire. Felt like the fork was diving when it was the tire 😉 Rode up Fløyen to Brushytten and down Munkebotn. Picture from a bit over Stoltzekleiven. Tomorrow I will try it more proper. Maybe see if it works great with a slimmer rear tire with lower knobs and more aggressive front tire too.

Map and some graphs from today: Movescount

Tune’d Krohnegården

Have you heard the song of three Tune Konghubs shredding around in the forrest? Beautiful. Today after work rode me, John B and Leif at Krohnegården in different speeds. First a slower lap and some small tips about where to ride and so one. Then 2 laps at high speed where John and Leif disappeared in front of me. But I fought well, the bike worked well and managed a couple of parts I haven’t managed before. Personal Record with around a minute faster laptimes than on tuesday. 178 and 179 in average heart rate on those two fast laps says some 😉 But wasn’t over my limit so even when John and Leif rode a lot faster I’m happy.

Happy learning, happy managing and happy with my bike. Then one more fast lap where I sat on Leif’s wheel in the beginning feeling good but after first technical part I had to drop and felt pretty toasted and did some stupid mistakes. Stopped halfway and tried a new singletrack. Lead into a very rocky section and wasn’t rideable so had to turn around.

Finished the lap and rolled towards home. One scar on my hip richer from the first lap, was all red 😉 Hard training but great to not ride average pace but slow and fast. With great mtbikers. MTB is easier than roadbiking. Just have to think about getting forward, tackle obstacles and pedal on. No need to think about watt, heart rate while riding, following a wheel and so on. Just push hard and feel the smile grow on your face.

Stats and map if someone is interested: Movescount

Schwalbe tires for 2013

Today I got my nice order from R2-Bike, awesome. Highlight was the new tires. After been using Tufo XC2 and XC2 Plus for three season and a little A. Dugast Rhino XL I wanted to try something new. And softer than the hard tufo tires with better casing than A. Dugast and a better price than FMB. So Schwalbe Racing Ralph it is. Around 100g heavier than the Tufo’s each but maybe it’s good anyway:

First exactly what R2-bike shows and second a bit lighter 😀 So front wheel with tire mounted, not glued yet so just 1068g now:

Will be awesome but had to fight a bit to mount it. Long time since I mounted mtbtubulars last time, sad but true. I also got some blue bolts for my brakes and took them of for a complete accurate weight, but can’t get the bore caps of, have to get a proper tool soon so I can change those. But nice weights including adapters (front and rear) and all bolts. 477g including rotors and bolts for those 😉 and will be lighter.

Todays nice delivery. Yesterday I got new pedals from a friend too but is at my mom so have to wait some weeks for them.

up to you

Soon christmas, I’m buying things that I can’t mention here and that haven’t anything to do with bikes. Got my spoke from Tune today, happy moment. Then when I mounted it I saw that the spokes where wrong so had to rebuild it. Now it’s good and looks like this:

22mm Sprinter mounted to save the rim, doesn’t fit the wheel but looks a little cool.

But back to topic, don’t really know what to write about. What do you want me to write about? Or you got any questions for me?

Last ride on my Scalpel

for this year/season. Sold my wheels and will send them on monday. So today in the sunny lovely Bergen I took my mtb for a ride and was joined by Leif Arne on his Scalpel 29er. A little heavier than mine but faster.

Up Fløyen and then we started with my favourite singletrack in wrong way so uphill. Nice one but think it’s better downhill. Almost managed the hole anyway, dried out a bit since last time. Then up to Brushytten and deciding where to got. Rode up to Rundemann as Leif Arne never been there first and when we got some views at 500m it was perfect. sun was shining, we saw green islands, water and then the ocean just open all the way out to Shetland Island. A big bridge but couldn’t almost see the city of Bergen with over 250000 inhabitants that we left the city from 40min earlier. So nice.

Up all the way and then down on the other side. With the nice singletrack downhill I’ve rode in the spring or if it was last year. Nice in the beginning then the singletrack was in a stream so got a bit wet, then down on a fast section before going into a technical track again. Think we rode wrong some part there as we got into a downhilltrack and then didn’t come out as I remember. Anyone it was pretty nice and good technical training. Then down on the big path and later asphalt down to Bergen city again.

Bergen mtb is pretty much climbing of technical singletracks, hard to find the middle way that I’m used to with pretty flat courses and not extremely technical so rideable in all weathers.

Last picture of my bike looking as it done the latest of this season:


New wheels for next year, new damper with propedal or something like that, new handlebar (just borrowed the one I have now) and maybe a new stem. Can really recommend single chainring too, using a 36 and it works everywhere, a bit hard uphill but less to think about and with a 11-36 cassette it would be even better. I have bent and had problems with light chainrings from Experimental Prototype before but this is working perfect. 😀

Map and Graph of the day: TrainingPeaks Rundemann

(send me a e-mail if you want to buy a 165mm DT XR Carbon rear damper, lightest rear damper what I know)