SuperX 14/15

changed body and glued tires yesterday. found a golden chain and pedals that I mounted today. Adjusted gears and brakes and now the raceCX is finished. Pretty happy with the result:

Black is so gone so color it is 🙂


frameset: Cannondale SuperX

headset: FSA with a low PRO top, special carbon wireholder and 10mm Reset Racing spacer

topcap/expander: Extralite Ultrastar and Hypercap

seatpost: KCNC Ti Pro-Lite

saddle: Tune Komm-Vor

stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0

handlebar: Deda Newton Shallow

bartape: Fi’zi:k white

levers: Campagnolo Chorus 1×11

brakes: Avid Shorty Ultimate, soon with yellow Swiss Stop brakepads

crankset: Sram XX1 BB30 with a shorter spindle and GXP spider, 145mm Q-factor

chainring: Sram XX1 38t

pedals: Crank Brothers Eggbeater 4Ti

chain: KMC X11SL gold

cassette: Campagnolo Chorus 12-25

rear derailleur: Campagnolo Chorus

wire/housing: Shimano Dura-Ace with Sram endcaps

wheels: Tune Mig70/Mag180 hubs with 40mm Chinarims and some cheap spokes

QR: Tune DC 16/17

tires: Challenge Grifo 34

weight: ? guess. Will check tomorrow

A really awesome Superbike that will be great for me this season too 🙂 After I fixed one thing, didn’t have screws to hold the brakepads and didn’t thought it was necessary, but seems like it was, short training today:

So my racing season this year if everything goes as planned looks like:

11th october in Svelvik, Norway

12th october in Drammen, Norway

18th october by Grenland, Norway

19th october in Bærum, Norway

2nd november watching the Norwegian Championships in Tønsberg, Norway (where the first picture was taken)

15th november watching the Swedish Championships in Gothenburg

16th november in Gothenburg, Sweden

Tune’d my Remedy

My bike is really good but not so light. Last mtb I had was at 8,5kg. My Trek Remedy was 11,95 yesterday. Big difference. And just a Tune saddle.

So today I mounted a new lighter 15mm axle in front:

A 60mm Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 stem, much better for me than the 80mm that came original:

Topped it with a superlight Tune Türnstange handlebar. 750mm with 15mm rise (felt better and more Enduro) that should be around 120g so saved over 250g on just the handlebar 🙂

Next up is wheels and maybe fork, and then we’lll see. Seems a bit hard to get it lighter. Made it a bit heavier too, had some strange sounds from the rear yesterday and I saw why when I washed it today, 3 bolts for the rotor was loose and 3 was missing. Should always use some loctite on those. Until I come home I got this big bolts from my dad 😉

Thinking of getting some lighter rotors too. Any suggestions on what to get? 180mm in front and 160mm in rear.

The damper is on


My 3 year old Lefty fork is back on my bike. Oldest part, I think. Had to rise my stem 1,2cm but also can take away the left brakelevermounting and use the xloc from the fork to save some weight. So less that 612g heavier 😉 And so much comfortable, and probably a bit faster too.


Cannondale Lefty Speed Carbon XLR is the thing 🙂

lightest brakes (?) again

Changed for Formula R1 Racing for my Scalpel. Sad thing is that it is IS mounts front and rear so have to use adapters and extra bolts looking like this:



Maybe should have switched QR from my Liteville to a blue Tune but 😉 140mm rear, 160mm front. Including all bolts, adapters, rotors it’s 475g 😀 pretty good weight.

Looking like this on the handlebar at the moment, had to use a matchmaker for the shifter as I didn’t want to take the grips of:



Saved 190g compared to my Elixir 5 with same adapters and rotors. Formula R1 Racing are light 😀 With PM mount and original kevlar hosing it would be even lighter.

Also tried my Liteville 27,5″ rear wheel with Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2,25″ tires. Worked 2 of 3 mountings but don’t I dare to ride with it, don’t want to ruin the carbon chainstay.

the odd and the perfect

Not feeling so good after my wound takes like forever to be good. Talked to the nurse today and will try to ride a bike next week or something. Seems like I won’t be able to have a normal life for a long long time 😦 Hoping God can make a big wonder so I can be happy, enjoy life and give some gorgeous ride reports from the beautiful country with landscape made for enjoying.

Until that I maybe can make up something good to blog about. Like some more pictures from the last world cup. The oddest but so cool BH Ultimate:

Representing a European racing bike. Not just the biggest brands, but showing off some cool sponsors and great colours.

But taking it a step up, or more. Because if you can say anything like the perfect bike I found the closest by racing bikes.

Alexandra Engens Ghost HTX Lector 29er. World champion stripes for extra class, 1×11 for clean and easy gearing (1×10 is good to, ask Absalon), AX-Lightness for the lightest and awesome rims and some other parts. Crank Brothers Candy 11 for a really light but still reliable pedals. Straight Engage bar without barends for new school control. Tubulars, always, no reason to not race with tubulars. Rock Shox Xloc, no slow wire, no ugly battery, no problems, just simple and fast. And you want some comfort too so Alexandra found the best saddle if you ask me (got 3 and thinking of one more) with Tune Komm-Vor. Tune it with some cool and light parts from Tune to get the bike look like it’s fast even when standing still and light as a feather as there are too many hard climbs out there. Ending with frame, the heart of the bike and a hardtail is the thing to race on for a rider with technical skills like Alexandra Engen or world champion friends Ralph Näf, Nino Schurter and Julie Bresset.

If you know a better world cup racing bike, you probably can find it in the photo album I found these two bikes in, here: MTB-News

new parts for my Scalpel, Avid Elixir 5

Wanted a cheap pair of brakes working with Matchmaker X to have the same mount for my Xloc and my X.0 Triggers. So got a pair of Avid Elixir 5, really nothing special but got a descent weight too including rotor, all bolts, adapter (for both and rear), matchmaker including the shifter mount on right side:





But a bit too long housings:



So today I cut it and saved 10g on rear brake and 4g on front brake. So total weight for the brakes is 652g


Scalpel build continues

Got advices today so now my front wheel is finished, borrowed a rear wheel from another friend to get my bike on wheels. And mounted.

Looks a bit strange without any tire rear and with a 22mm Continental Sprinter tire on the front wheel but this bike is getting parts that I just dreamt about a couple of years ago. Spec for the moment:

frame: Cannondale Scalpel 100 Medium (DT XR Carbon damper)

fork: Cannondale Lefty Speed Carbon XLR100

front wheel: Tune Cannonball, Sapim Super Spoke, AX-Lightness SRT CC

brakes: Formula R1 Racing with 160/140 Innolite rotors (and lighter adapters/bolts)

crankset: Sram XX1 BB30 Q156 36t

rear derailleur: Sram XX1

shifter: Sram XX1 Twister with Shimano Yumeya wirehousing

seatclamp: Tune Schraubwürger

seatpost: AX-Lightness Europa 27,2×350

seat: Tune Komm-Vor

steerer: Experimental Prototype

stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 100mm

handlebar: AX-Lightness Poseidon 600mm

grips: Deda bar tape and plugs

bottle cage: Tune Wasserträger Uni

rear QR: Tune DC17

rear wheel (will be changed): DT 240 with ZTR Race rim

Tires, adapter for rear brake, some bolts are ordered and should be shipped as soon as R2-bike can (seems like never). Rear hub and some spokes will come in february so long wait. Anyone got a pair of Crank Brothers Eggbeater 11 or 4ti for sale?

Light front:

Blue and Yellow, like a world champ:


35g more and you got a FFWD F2R front wheel with DT 190 hubs. 20mm carbon for road.

But 444g is my new mtbwheel, with one spoke wrong:

Tune Cannonball hub, AX-Lightness SRT CC rim and Sapim Superspoke, except the one on top that is a to far Sapim CX-Rayspoke that is just wrong. So waiting for a new spoke.

tried it on my fork anyway:

With the new stem, will get some clearcoat in the middle of the handlebar before I finish it:

Thinking of getting some blue stickers for the fork too 🙂 Hopefully getting my new crankset next week 😀 Going forward with what seems to be a sub 8,3kg mtb