The Allez sale continues

Wasn’t much of interest in buying my bike complete as I hoped for but knew. So now it’s for sale in parts. Help me fund money for next project.

Allez frame size 52:


S-Works crankset, different looking arms. 172,5mm arms with 38/52 Tune chainrings:


Shimano RS80 C24 wheels, almost new:


Specialized S-Works seatpost, 27,2x350mm:


Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 85mm stem:


Specialized 40cm wide handlebar:


Write a comment if you’re interested. And please share this for everyone who can be interested. For sale page will be updated tomorrow.

Lanterne Rouge with Power and Stix

Cycling after work yesterday with a great bunch of friends going hard, and not so hard. Felt better yesterday than usual as I didn’t ride hard this morning and while not being in such shape as Emil it felt good. And I got a bad picture of me, Emil and Isa a.k.a Team Le Mond:

here a picture from Jimmie of us in front:

It was pure fun and while not feeling that I had any power in my legs Strava showed others. My plan to get my own KOM and not share it with some others up Skurubacken felt like a mistake. Planned how to ride, when to press and which gear I should use to not change gear more than needed and loose time. I had to gear down one time too much as my legs stiffened when the climb got steeper.

But still got the KOM and a PR by 2sec 🙂 My Allez is fast.

First Lanterne Rouge with the talk and show of lights too:

I borrowed a Specialized Stix Comp headlight from work. It’s small, waterproof and chargeable through USB, awesome light:

Also trying Specialized Power saddle a bit, CX before and now on my Allez. Feels much better then I first thought. Looks short and it is but you don’t think about on a roadbike:

Map and stats if you want to give me kudos 🙂 Strava

CX Peloton and the big Plouay

A bike can’t talk but it can give signals. My cx started to collect dust and begged to go out today so announced a gravelride after work but without answers.

Tried the Peloton CXloop for the first time with my own Crux. Last time I did it on a cx it was my boss Crux Pro the 25th March. Today the plan was just to have fun, no higher goals and I succeeded. My Crux feels stiff, fast but also so quiet. Took some pictures for you:

A little after this on the gravel out to Erstavik I found my gears limit, 40-11 was a bit too easy with tailwind. 😀 Around the small lap and then back. Went pretty good with not to big effort. And then I met a guy with orange bartape, could only be one so we stopped and met. Magnus was out training too.

Had a chat that ruined my Le Peloton Stravasegment but was nice in the sun 😀 A reason to ride it again in the sun and try to beat some personal records. Maybe next saturday.

Got a personal record of the little lap out in Erstavik today but a lot segments behind the ride I did in March 😉 Then it wasn’t as dusty as today so better grip then.

Map and stats: Strava

and the important thing today which I’ve missed. Womens last world cup of 2015 in Plouay!

Grand Prix de Plouay-Bretagne was today with a great podium. If you like me was out riding when it was UCI got a replay. Watch and enjoy Emma Johansson beat a World Champion:

Commuting the longer way

Yesterday I had a thought of riding a bit today so I wouldn’t rest 3 days in a row. No one to ride with and no plans made me take my roadbike and do a longer loop to work. Today for the first time with my classy Specialized oversocks:

And trying a pair of Oakley Jawbreaker Cavendish edition:

Went to Älta and that way before aiming for a PR on a small climb in Sickla at work. 1,5 week ago I got a PR there with 17,3km/h (1min13sec) in average and first time I had 13,3km/h. Last time was riding with She Rides and guiding. Today I was alone, I had the chain on the big ring and I was standing. Pushing to get a good time up that little climb. 39sec and average speed was 32,5km/h 😀

Got a lot of PR on the morning ride, good start. Map and stats here if you don’t follow me on Strava: Movescount

Then a day of work and got the question from Jessica if I wanted to ride with her and She Rides. They came but left a bit earlier than I got out from work but we would meet at the GP race in Älta. Went there trying to catch 3 guys from CK Valhall without luck. Helped a guy at the race and went for the start/finish. The group of She Rides arrived a bit later, had a puncture and so on the way. Watched the race a bit before we continued a nice ride in boring weather. A bit of rain that seems to have been worse after I left the group to ride home. I think I found a new way home from work at least. Nice with a bit longer loops when I want to train after work.

Map and stats of my and our ride here: Movescount

My new fast wheels

My Ambrosio wheels with Tune hubs works really well and couldn’t have a better wheel for last weeks trip to Belgium and France. But they aren’t fast and not so stiff either, just comfortable. Have been looking for a great wheelset for a while. Wanted something fast 35-50mm high and with great quality so no cheap Chinese wheels. In the end it has been between Tune Schwarzbrenner 38mm at 1151g and Roval Rapide CLX40 40mm at 1250g.

But yesterday I found an alternative. Shimano Dura-Ace C50 used for a good price. Checked the weight which should be 1396g and I don’t think there is 1 wheel I heard so much good about than Dura-Ace tubulars (people not talking about Bora so much). Got them delivered at work so was almost too good.

1388g with glue on. Got a punctured Vittoria Corsa SC 23mm and one good too. Will keep the good one as a reserve. Glued on a pair of Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm I had laying around that was used for just 80km.

So before:

And now after:

6,62kg now with a heavier saddle and blue Tune QR. Wants a lighter saddle with same fit. But the bike worked so good this morning and is so much easier to maintain speed. Only sad thing is that I broke my old Tune bottle cage so got to change the front one. Old design on the small part stopping the bottle from falling down which is bigger and better on the new ones.

Allez Allez!!!

Look at that. I had a thought of buying a Specialized Allez Comp Race in black with white logos, use a white saddle and bar tape and keep it original. That would be pretty expensive so I got a frameset and some parts as I already had some laying around.


frameset: Specialized Allez size 52 2015 Multi Keyline

seatpost: Specialized ”iron” soon going to be changed (283g)

saddle: Tune Komm-Vor+

spaces: Reset Racing

expander and top cap: Extralite

stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0

handlebar: Deda Campione

bartape: Specialized S-Wrap Roubaix

Doubletap: Sram Force

front derailleur: Sram Force

crankset: Sram Force with Tune Triebtreter chainrings

brakes: Sram Force

rear derailleur: tune Sram Red

wires and housing: Jagwire organic green and blue

cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace

chain: Shimano Ultegra

wheelset: Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate

QR: Tune U20

tires: FMB Competition CX Soie

pedals: Time Xpresso 8

bottle cages: Tune Wasserträger Uni

weight: 6,5kg

Love this matching with wirehousing and frame logo:

A lot of carbon to be an alu bike 😉

Some small adjustments and a new seatpost before it’s finished. Cheapest roadbike for a long time 🙂

the last parts for my Allez

Finally the packages came. One with my newly fixed front wheel and one from Tune Sverige with stem, chainrings and a missing bottle cage. A Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 95mm stem:

The new and old bottle cage together, Tune Wasserträger Uni:

And 38+52 Tune Triebtreter chainrings for my compact crank:

Now just some building, deciding about chain and bar tape left 😀

video friday :D

But let us start where I ended. First time to work on my commuter today, here ready to go home:

Felt slim with 600mm handlebar 😉

Then some great Enduro riding in Spain

And real pure riding in Åre, Sweden. So beautiful that makes me want to go to Åre again, a bit better prepared then last two times I’ve been there with a bike:

SuperX commuter part3 (together)


Can it be harder and more Swedish than that?

Sram VIA GT brake levers, Shimano 105 chain and a Sram X.7 Trigger was invested in yesterday and today I got some time to put it all together. Big difference than riding a Trek Slash like I did yesterday 😉

frameset: Cannondale SuperX size 52

seatpost: KCNC Ti Pro-Lite

saddle: Tune Komm-Vor

stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 95mm

Handlebar: AX-Lightness Poseidon 620mm

stem spacer: Reset Racing 10mm

expander and top cap: Cannondale SI (will be changed to Extralite Ultrastar and Hypercap)

grips: Bontrager bar tape

trigger: Sram X.7

brake levers: Sram VIA GT

brakes: Avid Shorty Ultimate

crankset: Sram XX1 BB30 Q145 with 38t chainring

pedals: yes

wheelset: Tune hubs, spokes and 38mm cheap tubular rims

QR: Tune DC16/17

tires: Vittoria Corsa CX 23mm

cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace 12-25

chain: Shimano 105

rear derailleur: Sram Red a bit tuned

IMG_20140611_205536 IMG_20140611_205518 IMG_20140611_205650


The perfect ice-cream bike. 😀

SuperX commuter part2

Continued with my build a bit today. Mounted a AX-Lightness Poseidon handlebar:


A tuned Sram Red rear derailleur:


And a half Sram XX1 crankset with 38t chainring on a 104mm Cannondale Hollowgram spindle:


Half as I couldn’t get the left crankarm of it’s spindle, will fix that at work next week. Waiting for gear lever and brake levers to arrive and than I should buy a chain and a set of grips.

Mounted my yellow Tune Komm-Vor saddle today. It will be a lot of yellow and blue 😉 Swedish style