Le Peloton #66

I just love tubulars!

Took of fenders, bottle cages with SWAT and changed from boring heavy winter wheels to my light tubular wheelset with 1,6bar in front and 1,8bar rear. My Diverge became a new bike. And everything felt soft and comfy 🙂

A lot of people did meet up today as we started 2h later than usual and as it’s a free day in Sweden today


A really hard but fun ride in the light.

It was good but could have been not so good. Sara talked about crashing in the start but I said she wouldn’t. First thing we did was crash, 4 riders down including Niklas, Sara and me but it went so slow on the ice so nothing hard. Just to rise up and ride again.

Felt ok in the beginning but had to drop Sara and Rasmus after the wooden bridge a little. Caught Sara again but not for so long so ended riding alone a little until Emil and Joel got up to me on the road to Erstavik. They dropped me in the long climb out so alone again at the loop out there. Back I caught a dropped Joel and rode together for a while but he was tired and couldn’t keep up. After crossing the Ältaroad I found a new rider to chase, Rille who rode a bit to hard and we rode together the last part. Got company by Marika who had turned around a bit earlier. Rille dropped me at the end but I still got a fast lap than he 😉

Ended with the longest breakfast so far at Le Mond, their first open day 2016 today 🙂 Was photographed a little by Johan:

3 hours later me and Emile turned towards home but going around Vinterviken along Mälaren and enjoyed the beautiful day a bit extra and I had to take a picture of my lovely bike:


Let’s keep the winter dry like this now until the spring comes (wish it could be spring soon 😉

Map and stats: Strava

The Diverge!

It’s the same every year, next year I will learn to not aim at cyclocross. Today I sold my cyclocross and got a bike that is made for my dreams.


Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon. Was supposed to be a Comp DSW but I work at the best store in the world, Specialized Concept Store Stockholm so it became a Comp Carbon 😉

Compared to my Crux this bike is 15mm shorter, 10mm lower and made for comfort on long bad roads without so much mud. It has Shimano 105 and it’s really smooth.

Normally it has alu parts but that’s no fun or cool so this is a bit rebuilt like my bikes tends to be. But more S-Works than usual:

Toupe saddle, 36/46 chainrings and of course a 40cm wide handlebar.

The bike got cool hipsterthings like a metal plate with the name on:


So how about the ww-ism on the bike then.


Think that is okey as it’s around 9kg out of the box without pedals and bottle cage.

Felt soft riding home in the wrong clothes. Specialized Stix lights is keeping it safe:

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

a sundayride as it should be

Me and Johan met up with Sara, Jimmie, Peter and Håkan at bikecafé Le Mond this morning and went for a great spin out to Ekerö. Me on my Crux with my new tubulars and the rest on roadbikes


Rode with a 46t chainring in front so not the one on the picture. It felt a bit higher but light wheels does make a big difference. The hole bike feels light and so easy to change speed with 🙂 7,14kg in the picture.

Looked like this out on Färingsö:

DSC_1128 DSC_1129

and some pictures from Jimmie:

12074835_918402334919149_5226339472046864837_n 12106793_918402381585811_4288074200434038728_n 12112176_918402421585807_8901670651025487427_n

Almost 4 hours today and felt like an easy sundayride. Maybe what I needed to not feel all off this month with less riding than earlier.

Map and stats from today: Strava

1289g CX wheelset, almost super, almost

You know the feeling when you got a high quality set of hubs, some nice rims and new spokes and putting them together for a wheelset you really wish for?

DSC_0986 DSC_0989

This morning was my plan to finish this wheelset for my cyclocross. Cyclocross is the sport that needs wheels and where you got to have tubulars to go fast without puncturing.

Then it went wrong. DT Swiss spoke calculator showed wrong spokelengths so the spokes was 2mm too short on all places. And of course we didn’t have the right spokes at home. Anyone got 292mm DT Revolution for sale in Stockholm?

Then it was the hardest part. I mounted the cassette and tried it on a bike as a friend was curious if it works with Tune Kong 12×135 rear hub on a bike with SCS spacing. Can say it doesn’t! The cassette lock-ring was laying against the derailleur hanger and my wheelset is worthless for my CX 😦 Maybe I will hear or find a solution tomorrow. But will have to race GP Hasse Mård tomorrow evening with clinchers.

So please hold a thumb we find a way to make them work tomorrow. Otherwise they will go on my roadbike.

Fastest bike in Nove Mesto


Alexandra Engen won the second world cup this year too. Nove mesto na Morave.
1, Alexandra Engen – Ghost Factory Racing Team
2. Kathrin Stirnemann – Sabine Spitz Haibike
3. Ingrid Bøe Jacobsen – Norway National Team
4. Peta Mullens – Wiggle-Honda
5. Jenny Rissveds – Scott Racing
Top three using Tune hubs, a bit fun

bike of the week #2

The funny thing with this post is to post special bikes. Bikes that are not taken out of an expensive box with standard components made to fit everyone. But bikes that are built for the owner. Like my friend Leif’s Flash 29 here in winter mode:



It was a Cannondale Flash 29 Team. And as I like color and he doesn’t it’s extra fun with this bike with all colors except orange and blue 😉


frame: Cannondale Flash 29 Team M

fork: BlackCatBone Lucy incl steerer

stem: Cannondale OPI

handlebar: Schmolke TLO 700mm(?)

grips: ESI bar tape

brakes: Sram XX World Cup 180/160

shifters: custom

seatpost: some Chinacarbon fibre

saddle: AX-Lightness Sprint

crank: Cannondale Hollowgram SI with shorter spindle and 32t XX1 ring at the moment

wheels: Planet X 20mm carbon rims with Cannondale Lefty front hub and Tune Kong rear

tires: A. Dugast Pipistrello 32mm

rear derailler: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070

cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace 9000

chain: Shimano Dura-Ace 9000

pedals: Look Keo

weight: link

Cool bike that will drop some weight too, specially on the brakes. And will be run with both this supercool fork and a Cannondale Lefty Carbon DLR2 80mm.

1003g, Ronde van Drenthe and sub 6kg Evo

Thought of putting my Scalpel together and give you some nice pictures and weights. But it takes time gluing so you only get a wheelset on scale together picture:



Even heavier than I sad yesterday by a gram. But I love it and my second wheelset built. Or, built one wheelset, 2 front wheels and changed rim on one wheel before. So not very experienced yet.

To more experienced we have Marianne Vos, was testriding a climb some weeks ago and today she attacked in that 16% climb. Watch some highlights from todays Ronde van Drenthe here: Nos.nl

And ending this evening with a 5,9kg Cannondale SuperSIX Evo with Red, but Ultegra cassette and some other parts. Nice bike but dirty hoods wasn’t that nice:


Tune+Sapim+AX-Lightness=big smile

Got my Tune Kong rear hub from Tune today, was 1g more that calculated


But the 14 Sapim Superspokes that also came was just 52g instead of 53g so even. So Tune Kong with XX1 freehub, 14 Sapim Superspokes on left side, 14 Sapim CX-Ray on right side, blue nipples and one beautiful AX-Lightness SRT CC rim together:


558g, that is really light, specially when the it is for mtb. But when I mention that the front wheel is 443g, what do you thing then? It’s 1001g for a wheelset. simple gram to much. Because of I used some oil on the nipples like you should. Or is my scale kidding with me?

Anyway, it is 1g to heavy but it is more than 50g lighter than my roadbike wheelset that is really light. And if you would look at it in real you won’t think about that gram. Just start to drool as it is extremely hard to get a better looking mtb wheelset (don’t mention Mavic Crossmax Ultimate).

My bike is just getting into a big part of love, passion and premium class parts light as I couldn’t imagine some years ago. 😀