THE camber,

Do I need to say anything more? 10,78kg like you see it including the SWAT multitool, about 600g lighter than my last mtb.

Cut the fork a bit and saved a lot. Here without axle but including starnut:

Just set the dampers and go for a ride tomorrow 😀 Really looking forward too it.

Visions getting real

For every bike I get and build I have a plan. A plan of the perfect bike for my purpose which can differ with time and other bikes. The vision now is to build a light trailbike in weightclass with an Epic for XCracing but still be able to have fun on technical trails and maybe do a Endurorace.

My Camber is starting to take form, today with a borrowed 100mm SID WC fork and here with a borrowed front wheel so I could see how it looked. Will also change the hosing for my frontbrake for a black one. What do you think?

Seems to be around 10,6kg with 2,3″ Ground Control tires. Will get a set of S-Works Fast Track for XCracing later. Those tires will drop almost 300g extra. My first 29er 😉

New: Tune Türnstange

New year, new bar, same name but straight and no riser this year. Got it from Tune Sverige as last time. A 750mm Tune Türnstange shortened to 720mm:

Shortening it 3cm only saved 2g så really light bar 🙂 And great looking. It’s really hard to find a lighter and better handlebar for 1500SEK as this one costs too if you want to have a wider handlebar than 700mm.

And a picture of the new men U23 CX World Champion, Michael Vanthourenhout:


Hyperbar, 750mm <95g

Extralite finally made a new MTB handlebar. Their old is pretty slim and only for 25,4 stems. So now a new Hyperbar in three widths and types:

5mm up or 5mm drop:

Available in widths of 650, 700 and 750mm. Can be shortened to 550mm (why?)

The lightest, Hyperbar UL is 93g in 750mm

Middle is regular Hyperbar, 102g in 750mm (187,5€ at R2-bike)

and then there is Hyperbar BEC (for barends),106g in 750mm.

Lighter than Tune Türnstange but as good?

More info here: Extralite

new fork: DT XMM OPM 140 27,5″

Knowing you’re riding around with a fork at 2000g is a hard just that. A lot of weight that should go up climbs.

So I got a new fork, a DT XMM OPM 140mm and saved 464g 😀

But a heavier QR as my Tune DC15 (35g) only works for Fox forks (for sale if you want to buy it)

the fork got a lock-out that almost locks the fork completely out and a rebound adjustment on top. Pretty simple but felt nice. So no my bike is down under 11,3kg. Wheelset next.

Will be lighter than my old Liteville was after I changed wheelset too. Even when the frame is almost 400g heavier. Link to the Liteville here: Liteville 301 by cerrol

Exploring the Singletrackisland of Vestfold

Was out riding with 3 nice guys before work today. Perfect temperature at 7 o clock 🙂 Some new and some old nice singletracks on Nøtterøy

10403284_559559300832764_2340644651352893285_n 10491163_559559284166099_98325531764268106_n


Biggest fail of today was that I rode without gloves. Went great last week and yesterday. But today on tight singletracks with trees on the side I really missed my gloves, got a scar after a tree hit my hand, or how it was 😉 750mm handlebar isn’t always best, but mostly. The Tune Türnstange is really stiff compared to what I expected, worth every penny.

A group picture, all taken by Truls:



Map and stats: Movescount

Last mtb ride for a while I think as I leave Norway for France on friday and working at Tour de Alsace

Tune’d my Remedy

My bike is really good but not so light. Last mtb I had was at 8,5kg. My Trek Remedy was 11,95 yesterday. Big difference. And just a Tune saddle.

So today I mounted a new lighter 15mm axle in front:

A 60mm Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 stem, much better for me than the 80mm that came original:

Topped it with a superlight Tune Türnstange handlebar. 750mm with 15mm rise (felt better and more Enduro) that should be around 120g so saved over 250g on just the handlebar 🙂

Next up is wheels and maybe fork, and then we’lll see. Seems a bit hard to get it lighter. Made it a bit heavier too, had some strange sounds from the rear yesterday and I saw why when I washed it today, 3 bolts for the rotor was loose and 3 was missing. Should always use some loctite on those. Until I come home I got this big bolts from my dad 😉

Thinking of getting some lighter rotors too. Any suggestions on what to get? 180mm in front and 160mm in rear.