Allez Allez!!!

Look at that. I had a thought of buying a Specialized Allez Comp Race in black with white logos, use a white saddle and bar tape and keep it original. That would be pretty expensive so I got a frameset and some parts as I already had some laying around.


frameset: Specialized Allez size 52 2015 Multi Keyline

seatpost: Specialized ”iron” soon going to be changed (283g)

saddle: Tune Komm-Vor+

spaces: Reset Racing

expander and top cap: Extralite

stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0

handlebar: Deda Campione

bartape: Specialized S-Wrap Roubaix

Doubletap: Sram Force

front derailleur: Sram Force

crankset: Sram Force with Tune Triebtreter chainrings

brakes: Sram Force

rear derailleur: tune Sram Red

wires and housing: Jagwire organic green and blue

cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace

chain: Shimano Ultegra

wheelset: Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate

QR: Tune U20

tires: FMB Competition CX Soie

pedals: Time Xpresso 8

bottle cages: Tune Wasserträger Uni

weight: 6,5kg

Love this matching with wirehousing and frame logo:

A lot of carbon to be an alu bike 😉

Some small adjustments and a new seatpost before it’s finished. Cheapest roadbike for a long time 🙂

Broken QR=no mtb

First my plan was to ride my bike properly today after work, then it was 5° and a little rain when I came home and my motivation wasn’t on top. Fixed my bike with Lefty and some small things yesterday so just checked the pressure in my fork and pumped my tires before I could ride. Ended with a plan to at least go out and try the bike before tomorrows race.

Rode up the hill behind my house and took a green photo in the forrest:


Rode a new singletrack that just was a dead end. Then I met some riders from Tønsberg Ck and Peder asked if I wanted to join. Turned around to catch them but then my rear wheel got loose. Not as bad as the leader on mondays training but didn’t feel so good. Scratched the frame on the drive side with the wheel/QR and didn’t really found the issue then. Except that something was wrong and it was the hub or QR. Talked to Peder and watched them end the training. Rolled easy back home but the rear wheel wasn’t inline.

Ended with that the carbon fibre in the QRaxle had splitted so have to change it.

Otherwise Lefty is super, was a bit soft so need some more PSI but what a fork. So pump the fork and change QR for tomorrow.

Grammo Pako Cerrol Edition

Today I finished this:

IMG_20140503_134358 IMG_20140503_134410

Total weight with the spacer tower that should be changed: 7,68kg

Frame: Grammo Pako 17″

Seatclamp: Tune Schraubwürger

Seatpost: Aerozine

Saddle: Tune Komm-Vor (of course)

Fork: Black Cat Bone Lucy #7

Steerer tube: MCFK Tapered

Headset: Ritchey Pro

Expander: Tune GumGum

Stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0

Handlebar: 3T Exsero Team Stealth

Grips: Extralite Hypergrips

Brakes: Sram X.0

Rotors: Ashima AiRotor 160mm with Ashima alu bolts

Hubs: Project321

Spokes: DT Revolution

Rims: B.O.R XMD333 27,5″

Rimtape: Tune White tape

Tires: Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2,25″ with FRM sealant

QR: Tune U20 rear

Shifter: Sram XX1 Trigger

Rear Derailleur: Sram XX1

Cassette: Sram XX1

Chain: Sram XX1

Crankset: Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL with Carbon-Ti 34t X-Monoring

Pedals: Crank Brothers Candy 2TI

Bottle cage: Tune Wasserträger Uni

Tried it a short ride in the forest here nearby but with a bit loose headset, got to fix it until next ride tomorrow. Super cool with a stiff, fast small bike. 27,5″ is so much easier go get around with and more playful than a 29er. And a stiff fork, it’s so easy and you really don’t have to think about it. But it’s not so comfy on rocks or small stones either so a lot of bumping 😉 Tried a really tricky uphill and came a bit wrong in the beginning but managed to get up anyway, super impressed as it’s not just full speed straight up like with a 29er fs.

Found some nice singletrack too:

IMG_20140503_181124 IMG_20140503_181145 IMG_20140503_181206

So what do you think?

Faster SuperSIX Evo

20mm wheels is light but not so fast, at least not for my mind. And as you’ve seen before I got a set of beautiful Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate as a nice upgrader, will do a lot for the speed. At least with the placebo effect. Weight including glue and 22mm Continental Competition tyres:

IMAG0770 IMAG0771

If the tires are 260g/each as Continental says and the glue 30g the wheelset is 1149g 😀 Without the stickers that was 23g.

Nice blue upgrade with a Tune Schruabwürger


Saving 7g. The best weightsaving was my new handlebar, a Deda Superleggera with Dedas RHMbend, saved 76g(!)


And it was as announced, strange for Deda. The wheels are heavier than my FFWD F2R, tires are heavier so altogether a little heavier but much nicer I think, or what do you say for this 6075g bike:



Thinking of a setback seatpost from Engage or AX-Lightness and a new stem but have to try it with the new bar before knowing what I need. What do you think of it?

The EVOlution part 2

Bought a set of bottom bracket cups at work today. PF30 to Campagnolo Ultra Torque, not the best solution if you read about adapters and PF30 but I like my Super Record crank so had to try. Cannondale and Campagnolo is always a nice combo too. Some small adjustments and waiting for a seatpost so not finished yet but looks like this:



Looks like the handlebar is huge on the bike when it doesn’t have a seat and seatpost. But just normal Deda Newton Shallow handlebar in size 40 c-c. What do you think about it? change for black hoods? 😉

Deda Elemeniti Zero100, Newton and Trentacinque

Excuse me for not showing so many good pictures today but sold my phone earlier so don’t have anything to photo with except my webcam. Looks like this:

Deda Zero100 Servizio Course stem (110mm) with a Deda Newton Shallow (420mm) handlebar. Will get a white Deda perforated handlebartape tomorrow.

Also got a Deda Trentacinque stem (100mm) and Deda M35 Alloy (420mm) handlebar that will go on my Cannondale SuperX. Those in white.


Deda Zero100 110mm stem: 119g

Deda Newton Shallow 420mm handlebar: 256g

Deda Trentacinque (white))100mm stem: 122g

Deda M35 alloy (white) 420mm handlebar: 297g