Aero + speed = ViAS

When a bike should be allround it’s usually not best at anything. A bike that is supposed to be best is the new Specialized Venge ViAS. As aero as a TTbike and it’s made to go fast, or faster.


Today I built this beauty. The most aero roadframe Specialized ever created with the fastest regular clincher tires. Red is the fastest colour they say and this in Rocket Red may be even faster. Wheels faster than Zipp 404. Crank stiffer than anything else on the market.

You should see and feel this bike irl, like the Trek Madone 6 I had this got many nice shapes that is hard to see on a flat picture. And every shape there for a reason, not made to brag with, made to beat Strava KOM’s with 😉

All mountain racebike

After having an all mountain bike for 2014:

and raced with it. I’m aiming for a better racebike 2015. Less travel, more XCO. like:

with some small tweaks.

But the big question at the moment:

Should I have 700 or 720mm wide handlebar?

While you thinking of that and writing the answer as a comment here you can watch the classy bike I built for CK Valhall elite team today: