Straight up just


Sometimes the company and variation is more important than beautiful roads. Karim had a plan yesterday so we gathered some nice people and rode to Uppsala today. Crossing north of Stockholm with a bit of traffic sometime:


At some points we had to stop wait for people and get hands warm again or just discussing wheels in the phone:


Also tried to be serious while riding:


And riding in the middle of nowhere:



5 different types of riders and not equally strong. But we all like fika and cycling:


My Sequoia did an awesome job once again and Café du Cycliste got heat regulated fine in the cold 🙂 The ride got me thinking of riding more without a gps route, more on feeling and reading signs along the road

Map and stats: Strava

200km Birthdayparty

It is something special when you hear 9 guys singing for you in Alunda:


Had bad legs today but I had good friends doing the work and keeping the pace high both in head- and tailwind. Sumo Cycling Club did a 200km Brevet north of Uppsala with the result that we dropped everyone except one who crashed and had go back by ambulance. Rode on small beautiful roads through small villages that should have been captured but was enough with just trying to keep the wheels. But we got a nice grouppic at the start:


Emil and Anders said I didn’t have the legs because I didn’t have my Sumo jersey, maybe they where right but my Café du Cycliste Pierette jersey was really nice in the wind today and great pockets 🙂 Tried to keep the class up with a POC silk scarf too, a lovely piece.

Did I mention we got back first? Or that my body feels destroyed? But the bike felt awesome, like home 🙂

Ended it all with having burgers in Märsta on the road home:


I may not be so much Sumo but the guys are really nice and you always know it will be hard ride riding with them 😀 Thanks for my birthdayride.

Map and stats: Strava