Basemile Snowdown

If you the recipe on a great weekend you will get it here:

  • Gather 15-20 great cyclists
  • Rent a castle (or a house next to it) somewhere in the middle of nowhere
  • Arrange a car to take the cyclists bags to the castle
  • Buy food, cyclists like food
  • Go ride there on friday, a nice ride on saturday, back home on sunday

CK Barriär and Velonode did this with some help from Rapha and Oatly this weekend. It was white, was magic, really fun and sometimes like you thought ”what am I doing here”. When it comes to the end, riding bikes and spend time with friends and great people far away from stress and big citylife is awesome. Thanks Hagen and Emil for this!!!

Started in Södertälje 2 days ago:

Rode to Rockelstad castle in fading sun:

The place we stayed at:

An epic shortened ride yesterday, takes time to ride in snow and sun goes down a bit to early:

And then we went back home:

The tourguide and my best German friend, Hagen:


Except beans and my frozen cassette today this is the best way to spend a winter weekend on. Everything is never perfect but the it has been fun. If you missed it, check @ckbarriar on Instagram for the weekends best pictures.

Pictures by Rille and Max that includes me:

Gravelriding with Punctureparty

Were 6 riders leaving Hammarby Sjöstad this morning for a gravelride to Dalarö and back. No one thought we should come home with 4(!) punctured tubes. A great ride but it was wet and today it was cold hands and feets for me, took like 45min to get cold feet and a little bit later they were wet too…

But anyway, even in the rain and on the very wet and soaking gravelroads it was great. I live to ride on new roads and I think my Crux does too 😀

Singletrack is the shit with cx/gravelbikes:


12243799_10153120424531302_1633545502_n Some are eating, some are fixing a bad rimtape: 12233474_10153509910394584_414500028_n

So good with singletrack I show another picture while waiting on Fredrik:


Last puncture 20m from the café:


The first puncture which ended with 2 punctured tubes and 2 empty air cartridges (?):


So fun I will do another ride tomorrow 😉

Map and stats from today: Strava

Happy to be able to do this ride after what happened in Paris last night. We are all humans and everyone is worth the same. Some who doesn’t believe don’t contribute to the hashtag #prayforparis but for us who does, let’s unite and pray for the people in Paris no matter of religion. If I would have been there I would have been happy if someone prayed for me, no matter if they are christians or muslims or something else. Every religion is for peace and let’s help to make the world peaceful!

Ronde van Nøtterøy

Blue sky and sunny autumn. Perfect for a nice ride on some new roads on Nøtterøy, rode all over the island 😉

Autumn on the cycling paths so great with CX tires today:

Found the way to the sea too

Really nice ride in easy pace. Changed for my Sram XX1 crankset with a 38t chainring today so no chaindrops or problems, just to ride 🙂

And with a swedish view:

around 9° Celsius and sunny was really nice to ride in, perfect autumn day. Perfect last ride in Norway too just enjoying the creation 🙂

My ride: Movescount

riding the Super bike

After a slow day at work I had to ride for a bit. Only ride this week as a I fly against France tomorrow and a super weekend with Team Joker. Last race weekend for 2014. Feels a bit strange in a way.

So today I was out riding my CX and trying the new tires. Impressed by a pair of 33mm tires can feel so comfy and supply riding over roots, rocks and still feels super fast on gravel. Bike was great today and it was 6,82kg when I checked. Looking like this:

Me out trying out some great tracks. good place for a cx here:

colorfull today:

With roadshoes so no running but some technical riding so not the fastest ride. Some sprints too but I got some problem with the engine, not as strong as the bike 😉

Map and stats from today: Movescount

Would love to have someone to ride with, was great training last year on our CXcourse in Bergen.

New Acros hubs

Some parts I remember more than other. Been checking the market for good hubs like Hope Pro 2 but a bit lighter. On R2-bike sorting A-Z it has always shown Acros hubs (before Absolute Black) nut they seemed boring. Last thursday on Eurobike I had to check Acros hydraulic gears when I saw they had a stand. Didn’t look anything more in their stand.

Back on friday I got some photos to and talked with a nice guy. Remembered that I’ve seen hubs on R2 and asked about it. He showed me a hub that really impressed. Lower weight than Tune King/Kong (15g/5g) and at a little better price. A star ratchet that could be better than DT’s 240 hubs with straight pull spokes like Sram.

Acros Nineteen XC is the name:

A 19mm carbon axle, threaded endcaps that are easy to change and I think they look really good. Also got a ED and FR version a bit heavier with less straight pull spokes.

Not on their website yet as they will be released in the beginning of 2015 after some more testing.

A good view of Acros at Eurobike you will find here: MTB News

Eurobike #3 Roadbikes + CX

Have to mention one thing, my phone ran out of battery yesterday so missed some things, like DMT shoes, really nice.

But never miss a Fibula brake, my dream:

Nice 15mm axle on Storck CX:

continuing with CX. CKT by Virenque:

French with Italian design 😉 And awesome RAR wheels, super quality built in France:

CKT steel that made me drool, lifetime warranty:

Beat this if you can:

But made in Taiwan 😦 Maybe can be good anyway.

Of course they got an aerobike:

Parlee with an ugly front:

Nice Parlee with EE cycle brakes:

clean tube to tube:

Caterham, like a 7 but in carbon:

Tunehubs like CKT:

Super cool steelbike with an integrated carbon seatpost:

The bikes to drool over, can it be better than Swedish high-end Rolo?

Ferrari, or Colnago V1-R, missed the C29:

New Mavic shoes, Cosmic Ultimate like the best wheels I’ve used:

German and good looking? Superlight and still reasonable priced? AX-Lightness puts many questions on their edge with their new Vial Evo frame:

BMC Crossmachine with Sram CX1:

De Rosa Solo made Paduano Racing seems like a bargain and showing Pegoretti that a super expensive Italian made frame doesn’t have to have a lot of colors:

Skip the red color, dream about the frame I flew to Germany to look at and talk about. De Rosa Corum, handmade custom Italian steel frame 😀

Even available for disc brakes:

If you can’t afford a De Rosa Solo titanium frame but still want italian handmade titanium from De Rosa they got a cheaper version 🙂

Bimota isn’t just a motorbike, but the motorbike are cooler:

World best training wheels 2015? Campagnolo Shamal Mille:

French, handmade, RTM and the new creation by Time called Skylon:

But still like the older tube to tube frame ZXRS:

A beautiful saddle, 138g:

Carrera Scatto seems to have got into my phone too:

The worlds best crankset got better and lighter? THM-Carbones Clavicula SE:

Lightweight Urgestalt, don’t really know:

With a lot of blue color:

Lightweight discwheel:

A Guru Preamio R:

Fastest clothes that can be perfectly made to fit you (or Martin or Vos):

Don’t know but it came a new Slice that I missed to take a photo of complete, here is the frameset:


The best looking Synapse 2015:

Summer commuting bike for all weather. Synapse disc in alu with Sram Rival and perfect fitting fenders:

Cannondale caad10 trackbike:

Corima Viva MCC:

Neil Pryde Nazaré2 again:

Wooden handlebar?:

Animal and bike on the wall, works for vegetarians too:

Look 795, looks better than 695 but seems strange:

And that’s all from Eurobike. If you think two wheels isn’t enough the thursday evenings discussion was why we didn’t have this instead. A Wiessmann:

Eurobike #2 MTB

There was 2 mtb that I will continue to talk about after Eurobike.

First we have a Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC, 120mm back with a Pike in front, a proper AM bike made for everything:

In carbon or in Rocky language MSL.

Race Face cockpit like always on Rocky Mountain, suits well:

no small axles and bearing here, oversize deluxe:

The top of the line Thunderbolt MSL is the 799. XTR Di2 get’s the price up to 9999€

Lever where you have to press way to long to shift, opposite of the road Di2 shifters:

BH Lynx in carbon and 27,5″:

A Massi fs XC with Magura electronic damper:

Orbea XC fs for 27,5″:

and hardtail:

Open, Lauf fork, AX-Lightness, THM Carbones M3 and so on:

The lightest mtbstem on the market? AX-Lightness rigid on another Open with Lefty:

American Classic carbon mtb wheelset:

Giant found the colors and put them on a Anthem 😉

The enduro from Canada. Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL BC:

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 750 MSL:

Rocky Mountain Element, xc fs 29″:

Julien Absalons BMC:

Tune Skyline with Ryde rims:

Haibike top of the line xc fs with Bike Ahead Compsites wheels:

Their Greed hardtail with Bike Ahead and Rock Shox RS-1:

Nino Schurter’s Spark 700 with a 38t chainring in front, strong guy:

Manuel Fumic’s Scalpel 29 with 36t chainring:

Cannondale Trigger Team, should be every AM rider’s dream I think 😉

Remy Absalon’s Genius with XTR Di2, expensive Enduro

Corratec 65mm XC fs 27,5″:

Mondraker Podium 29er, supercool:

Ritchey Integrated mtb stem and bar:

And here we go, Cannondale Flash 29er was way to high for a short guy like me, never thought of it even when this year’s Teammodel is really nice and good speced. So when they announced a model with lower front, better (is it possible?) fork, stiffer rear I had to check it out as fast as Larry was ready with an interview. Starting from the bottom. Big axle Lefty Carbon 2.0:

much better hosingmount on the protecting plastic and not so easy to break:

Lower distance between clamps (38mm(?)): and made it possible to ride shorter stems than 85mm:

The bike:

Except the fork it looks pretty normal, like SuperSIX Evo with nothing special. But a lot underneath. Ready for Di2:

moved drivetrain 6mm to the right, same spokelengths on both side (heard in München) and 60(?)% stiffer:

The chainring clearance with probably the most customizable crankset that still works after 13(?) years:

Still the same OPI stem (miss the old SI):

Maybe you could have thought that this was the other (with RM Thunderbolt) big thing but it’s not for me. The thing that was bigger is AM, Enduro, XC and underestimated frame Liteville 301. 140mm or 160mm rear travel with a super linkage and able to build it for your type of riding. Like a XC rocket with a 27,5″ wheel rear and a 29er front with a Rock Shox RS-1:

Or more Enduro with a Formula 35 fork:

Standard enduro with a Pike and 27,5″ on front too:

Normal BSA bottom bracket, (even still for e-type fd) with a big hole for Reverb Stealth or KS Integra dropper post:

a bit odd hosing for the rear brake, with a PMmount for 180mm rotor so no need for adapter. Syntace X-12 axle:

48xx€ for the build with RS-1 seems like a lower price than before too so not overwhelming expensive. High end alu made in Germany.

Ending this post with some nice parts. Ryde Trace rims, seemed good and think I will build some wheels with it this winter:

or should I go for tubular with the new Tufo XC6 in 2,2″?

Everyone is talking about XTR Di2. Yes it’s new but not as cool or good feeling like Acros A-Ge:

Giant Cup #7

XC Marathon=Bukkerittet=check

XCO=Giant Cup #7=check


One more part done and the hardest one I think. A really fast course with some small roots and stones today with long straights. like made for Continental Race King tires 😉 Not for my bike, would have been better in Larvik then where the funniest and most technical course of the races in Giant Cup I’ve done.

But the bike worked good and I did as good as I could. My legs stood straight out on the third (last) lap but still got last in my category except one who punctured. Was only one guy after me of the start group. But was there for the training and didn’t expect to do good so happy with that. Great organisation today with start groups and earlier starts than before. Thanks Holmestrand SK for that 😀

No map and stats yet as Movescount doesn’t seems to work this evening and haven’t found any pictures from the race yet. But can show you a nice bike for next year. The new Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt in carbon a.k.a MSL:

More info of them here: Pinkbike