My first Time Trial today, really didn’t know what to expect and was nervous in a odd way. My biggest weakness is that I’m thin and weak, not so good for time trial and I knew it will be hard time to sit proper on the borrowed bike. But surrounded with nice people


and a relaxed feeling around the race, at least with the elite riders. Choosed Elite class as it was a better starttime and I knew I would lose anyway, the results wasn’t so important and I didn’t wanted to prove anything for anyone else.

Started ok, felt like a hard time to sit in right position after 2,31km and after 7min Karl who started 1min behind me passed. The mental game was full on and when the uphills was hard it was so cool to ride in 40-50km/h on the flats and going almost 60km/h downhill just holding on so tight with a little sidewind. At the turnaround it all changed.

Headwind and it felt like uphill all the way back. Held way too much in the basebar and it went just slow. But while I’m not so good on the mental game it’s interesting how it is to count down, to keep focus and even when the back, my legs and everything feels like shit just to keep pushing.

I may not be fast or train much but racing is just cool and thinking aero in a stylish way. I found the finishline after 47min22sec and ended last but satisfied for my first race when thinking about it. Not much I’ve could have done better and great to try it for real instead of just watching it from a car or on a tv.

Great atmosphere afterwards too with some chitchatting with people I know more or less, everyone are friends and kind.

Emil Rosenberg who i got lift from on the way home got 3rd:


and Susan who invited me for dinner this evening got 2nd on her first Time Trial in Women Elite:


Back in Stockholm I changed my mind to go by train home and took the mtb up Hammarby Hill towards Le Mond:


Not my best climb what I felt but got a PR 😀 S-Works doping 😉

If you’re interesting in my race, it’s all here: Strava

Le Peloton #59


We were not so many today, 3 more joined and the superfast guys are missing. Really slippery morning to with temperatures around 0° C which took down two guys already before we gathered. Wonder how it went for the 2 doing the roadloop in this weather.

The CX-loop was like usual and while no one is superfast we are a group working good together and making life hard for the rest 😉 Me, Calle, Niklas, Michael and Christian is the usuals keeping the pace proper and having a great time together.

It felt easy today but I couldn’t have gone faster, feels like my body tells me to take it easy and so I will this week. Christian crashed on the way back on a descend which had everything stop up a bit, he was okey but were only 3 guys afterwards in the first group. Was a bit off for a second until we got some pace back. In the end Calle tried to attack and I hanged on. Until in a tight corner were I lost my front wheel 😦

Got back up and rode the last seconds of the Strava segment and it just hurt a little after my crash. Said goodbye to Calle and Michael who wasn’t going to Le Mond and rode towards bikecafé Le Mond alone. Saw my jacket had a red spot on my arm and thought if I was bleeding from my head. I wasn’t and hadn’t touched the ground with ot. Was my left hip that was bleeding 😦


It made my day at work a bit painful but I will survive and as long as it’s nothing worse I can take it.

More funny was that bikecafé Le Mond got awarded as the best café in Stockholm 😀

Happy for Kalle and Corina making  this the place to be 😀

Map and stats from today: Strava

Lantern Rouge p/b Cykelcafe Le Mond

Maybe the best way to start the cycling week with cafériding Le Mond group. Relaxed and it’s possible to go both hard and easy, everybody are welcome and we always wait for the ones behind if needed. Today it was just Ena, Jimmie and me.

Rode the standard route but with one change, we rode the opposite way 😉 Roads are different the other way, or at least it feels so and you see new things you usually have your back at. Me and Ena:

Ena in front:

and me and Jimmie in our new Le Mond kits behind:

After passing Gustavsberg:

We caught up with Stefan:

Me and Jimmie enjoyed an evening in our cool kits:

Map and stats of the easy ride: Strava

Saturday ride (with sun)

New day, new people and new roads. Adding a bit of sun and you’ll get a good start of a ”summer” saturday. Rode a lap north of Mullsjö today up to Hökensås with Anders:

Sporting POC club kit 🙂

Felt like I had a bit heavy legs but it may come from my front brake too. It’s been touching the rim as it had to have the wire in perfect position. Can’t really recommend KCNCbrakes to anyone. But really like the Sram Red 22 levers working with them on the Caad10 🙂

76,76km today and another nice ride to the account.

Map and stats if still don’t follow me on Strava: Movescount