Synapse 2014 weight and Liteville 301 building

The Synapse I tested yesterday and to work today (works well on pavé too) had to be weighted.

IMAG0637 IMAG0638

7,08kg including my Time Xpresso 8 pedals. A bit over 1kg more than my Evo. And I checked headtube difference. Between the Synapse and the Evo I have there is a little over 5cm difference from where the stem is sitting, huge difference. And then my levers sits probably a centimeter lower as I have a classic bar so total 6cm difference. 😉 Good thing is when buying one in my size (51 instead of 56) it will be 4cm lower 🙂 So maybe a 110mm -17° stem on that and it will be perfect racingbike 😀

And coming home I did continue with my Liteville building. Got blue Jagwire brake hosing and wirehousing yesterday. So more blue 🙂

IMAG0640 IMAG0639

Will borrow a nice Avidtool from work tomorrow to mount the brake hosing like it should be. Then just missing fork and rear tire before I will use it (start using in august after my vacation). Looking forward to it 😀