Red Hook Crit Milano No. 7 part 1/3

It’s been a weekend of that gave me dreams, friends and with so many expressions. People go full out instead of just fitting in a line with one type.

We start with the easiest, the parts a.k.a bikes. Here starts the fashion with so many different styles. Coming to the Crit area in Bovisa, Milano starts with S-Works:


Very standard high class racing with black. The AllezAllez teambikes wheren’t so plain black painted by Erik Nohlin:


Wooden striped rims:


A different designer and style for every race:


Not as standard as the Red Hook Crit bike:


Another cool team is the Cinelli-Chrome with their lovely HEDwheels:


Or maybe my favorites, Oscar that seemed more red in real than on my picture:


Found a bike with a Specialized Tarmac Nibali shark front:


A lot of bikes, a lot of different bikes:


That includes picture of the winner yesterday:



And a cool kit:


As you may have seen it’s not just all about:


as it’s fashion. No big clubs with old people not wanting changes or colorful clothes makes design easier and easier to try new cool patterns.

The two things making this special is the fashion, having it in Milano suits the fashion 🙂 And the other thing is how people fight and really tries to go faster. No matter if you’re a women or a men, everyone goes flat out and giving up is not on their minds. Racing!

Ending with a bear, some gold and the startyear of a Red Hook Crit Sponsorcompany called Specialized 🙂


More will come tomorrow. What do say if this part was about parts. Left is people and the race, which you like to read about first?

Ted King’s Cannondale Slice RS

Missed the time with 7 seconds yesterday with a seperated shoulder after stage 1 Ted King has been forced to leave Tour de France. Here is the bike he was supposed to use at the team time trial yesterday with some small tweaks:


Integrated brakes like all new proper TTbikes:

1045026_503935836341678_1911488283_n 1005088_503935846341677_1467477853_n

But without a cover on the rear brake.

The coolest thing on this bike is the handlebar. Instead of brakewires going a bit on the outside and in on the side of the top cap and gearwires doing the same. Brakewires are all integrated and gearwires going in straight on the top, I like:


More about it: Cycling Weekly

The TTbike you should have for 2013

Have had Argon18 E-116 as a favorite before but not after today. A time trial frame should if you ask me have integrated brakes, integrated wires that doesn’t make a huge bend and look ugly and it shouldn’t have the name Trek on. A thin top tube like Bianchi Crono D2 used by Barloworld is never wrong too. Or why not integrated stem like Vinokourovs BMCbike. Integrated seatpost is always cool but not a must.

Today I started to mount the bike with worlds most famous/hated seatpost. Cannondale Slice RS Ultegra. Was like this when I went home:

It’s the bike that no one can just pass without stop and take an extra look. It’s just strange in so many ways but in real it is so cool. The seatpost maybe look like shit but feel it, almost thin as an iPhone makes it stop less wind as any other seatpost. It has so many different so the best way to get an idea is to see one in real.

It has become my favorite and if it still is so after tomorrow when I will finish it with all wires (seems pretty easy and perfect) and maybe lower the aerobars a bit.

But think about it, this frame with Campagnolo Record, 3T Brezza II handlebar and Bora/Ghibli wheels and you got it. From the front:

So anyone wants to sponsor me? 😀