Le Peloton #87


A little snow in the air and cold temperature made me turn by work and shift to thicker gloves. Not as many today with the weather that looks better on picture than it was. Started in the 1st group and while it wasn’t the best cooperation the speed was high enough for me. Was on todays edge but could hang on and was in front sometimes too. An average of 28,1km/h on the Strava segment felt ok too, even with a misshappening on the road to Älta. A guy braked and turned a little so the rider behind him put his front wheel in the bike in front. No crash but didn’t sound good hearing it some guys behind me and the pace got low to see if everyone was on their wheels.

After we finished the hard part we rode on the cycling path and I maybe shouldn’t have done that. Was a big hole that was much deeper than I thought without a single sign and saw the deep too late. Smashed my front wheel on the edge but had air in my tires afterwards, impressive. For some hundred meters until my rear tire felt a bit soft, the flat was there on my new tubular tire. Stopped and tried to fix it with my Pit Stop but couldn’t get anything inside. Stepped up and rode with a flat, it was a tubular after all and it worked better than I thought. Rode with a flat rear tire to work and planned to make a fast switch and continue to Le Mond for breakfast. Had to change rotor and cassette but went pretty fast. Out on my bike again and coming just around the corner and my front wheel was leaking too. A bit upset I turned around and changed that wheel too…


Great wheels but flat tires and I need to glue on something else 😦 Maybe shouldn’t have wrote about the tubular advantage as it ended in my most expensive ride so far.

My new fast wheels

My Ambrosio wheels with Tune hubs works really well and couldn’t have a better wheel for last weeks trip to Belgium and France. But they aren’t fast and not so stiff either, just comfortable. Have been looking for a great wheelset for a while. Wanted something fast 35-50mm high and with great quality so no cheap Chinese wheels. In the end it has been between Tune Schwarzbrenner 38mm at 1151g and Roval Rapide CLX40 40mm at 1250g.

But yesterday I found an alternative. Shimano Dura-Ace C50 used for a good price. Checked the weight which should be 1396g and I don’t think there is 1 wheel I heard so much good about than Dura-Ace tubulars (people not talking about Bora so much). Got them delivered at work so was almost too good.

1388g with glue on. Got a punctured Vittoria Corsa SC 23mm and one good too. Will keep the good one as a reserve. Glued on a pair of Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm I had laying around that was used for just 80km.

So before:

And now after:

6,62kg now with a heavier saddle and blue Tune QR. Wants a lighter saddle with same fit. But the bike worked so good this morning and is so much easier to maintain speed. Only sad thing is that I broke my old Tune bottle cage so got to change the front one. Old design on the small part stopping the bottle from falling down which is bigger and better on the new ones.

Le Peloton #18

Continuing the trend from wednesday and love the spring riding. New Peloton today and new wheels for me. Had to try.

Not as many riders today as on wednesday:

Rode all together first then it ended with 4 groups. 1st group of 4 riders did the big loop with Fisksätra, me and 4 others did the 2nd group ride and turned up Saltsjö-Duvnäs climb after sitting on the wheels of first group until that moment. Then there was 2 riders behind taking the shortcut in Älta. And 2 guys riding the CX loop.

Wasn’t going around all the way today but a bit better than on wednesday and the group did work pretty good sometimes but maybe a bit too few riders. Funny was that the fastest bike in our 2nd group was my friends Eskil’s old bike 😉

Even got a picture from the ride:

Was going around on the last straight and in the small uphill before Enskededalen I was in the front, no one came and helped so put the pressure at my maximum and got first with many meters at the Enskededalen sign where the segment ends 🙂

Great morning with a big loss of riders going to Le Mond for breakfast. Only 2 of 5 riders from our group and 1 of 4 riders from the first group did eat a proper breakfast. Missing the important part 😉

And now back at work and got a picture of my bike today the new Shimano Dura-Ace C50 wheels with Vittoria Corsa SC tyres 🙂 Super stiff and felt fast 🙂 Much easier to maintain speed.

More about the wheels this evening.

roadbiking, like 2 years ago

2 years since I last rode a road bike here around where my mum lives. Today I got company of a friend and we rode 40km around the two Hålsjöarna (lakes close to here) on small roads where it shouldn’t be any cars but was a couple.

A bit cloudy but we missed the rain and the 86min went pretty good. Maybe I’m getting into some kind of shape again 🙂 New crankset with 172,5mm arms instead of 175 and 6,5mm slimmer Q-factor. Felt really nice. Great with 25mm Vittoria Corsa SC tires too 🙂