Le Peloton #20

The misery. When motivation and feelings doesn’t work together it can be a hard time. This morning I was motivated to ride as it’s the last training this week and I like riding with others. 2° and boring weather when I looked out at 5.15 this morning. When I got dressed and came out the door it was raining.

With waterproof Café du Cyciste Jeanne bibs and Loulou legwarmers it felt pretty good anyway, and new gloves from Oakley. The only thing I missed was my Assaver that was at work.

Not so many riders today:

Rode in one group today. But after a short sleep my legs wasn’t on top and I got dropped pretty fast. Turned left in Saltsjö-Duvnäs and rode the 2nd group ride. Thought of taking the shortcut in Älta too but the Stravatime motivated me and then it wasn’t raining any more. Ended coming first to Le Mond and sat alone in the beginning eating breakfast:

After around 10min 2 more riders came. They got dropped on the Fisksätraloop and rode alone. But no sign of the 7 others that should be there earlier. 1 more rider came, said that the group took a strange way, shortcut in one place and a longer way in one place.

That’s how it can be, but we got a nice breakfast 😉

Tried my new saddle for the first time today. slipped a bit backwards but felt pretty good, made the bike weigh 6,48kg. Not completely sure on that it’s better than the Romin but not bad.

The tires are great and thought of it on the way home. Second or third time not pumping the tires that use a latex inner tube before I go home. Pump them in the morning to 6,5bar in front and 6,8bar rear. Checked the pressure in the fronttire when I came home after work. 5bar 😉 5bar and was feeling great, that’s nice. Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm 🙂

Map and stats of today, 30km/h on the Le Peloton 2nd group: Movescount

Vittoria Pave CG

The classic green tires all made for spring races. Got a pair from Specialized Concept Store to survive in Belgium in april. 27mm of course and here are some weights:

Glued with 48g Vittoria Mastik to my classic wheels:

Classic combo deluxe and a big change from Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate with 22mm FMB Competition CX Soie tires.

Will post new pictures of my bike after I’ve done a proper Body Geometry fit to get the best out of me and my bike 🙂

How to get a boring bike to look good

A Trek, always boring, even when it’s the new Domane. But there are a thing to make every bike nice.

No matter brand, colour or components. A bike is always nice with a pair FMB tires. The best you could do with a boring frameset is a Campagnolo Super Record groupset, a pair of Bora wheels and then a pair of FMB tires. Always a win in my eyes. Sadly that Cancellara couldn’t show how fast the FMB tires was with his crash though, hopefully he recover fast.