Lightweight Lizard and Speed Lunatic


For the first time on gravel this year I had a lighter bike than Emil 🙂 He on his Ridley X-Trail and me on my Specialized Epic ht, was nice to try it on gravel too. Emil had some more speed as in his nickname Speed Lunatic when it went fast and my 34-11 wasn’t made for going fast. But an 8Kg hardtail with 2,1″ Specialized Fast Trak tires was really fun on gravel too. We had a great morning in the sun watching animals, talking children and discussing #aeroiseverything


Also sat some Personal Records and I got top 10 around Flaten after following Emil over some bridges:


Map and stats: Strava

After we had breakfast the clouds came and the weather turned grey. So happy I got up in time to enjoy the sun this morning with the fastest Sumo.

Morningspins and breakfast with a view


This is how it all begins. A bridge, a sunrise and then a lot of cool fast people. Did Morningspins on Djurgården this morning and I couldn’t picked a better morning. Blame on my wide tires and heavy legs from yesterday that I couldn’t keep up all the way around the 3 laps but it was great training 🙂 Looked a bit like this by Hagen, Klas and Jacob:

Pure magic. And a great fika afterwards:


Compared to Le Peloton Morningspins is over faster and just after 8 I got to Hammarby Sjöstad and almost work. But Patrik asked me yesterday if I wanted to join for breakfast so called him, just on his way out so we met up and did go on an adventure ride for a proper Sequoia breakfast 😉 Rode gravel, singletrack, crossed some ice and rode (Patrik) endurolines downhil.


Then we climbed a mountain and had breakfast watching out over a lake like this:

A super morning all over the place. Like this: Strava

Spring is coming, I promise

Friends are starting to take out their roadbikes, it’s a pure spring sign 😉 And I’m in mtbmode, so motivated and want to ride more, more and more.

It all started a morning last week when me and Oliwer rode a Camber and after my failing with roadpedals we took the road back to Vivels:


Today it was time for a new try. Candy 2Ti pedals and S-Works XC shoes to keep fails to a minimum. Also got company by John 🙂 Went better and was really fun, and hard for my roadbike arms :p


I’m not as fast as Oliwer or John but it is getting better and better and nailed a couple of tricky parts today that I usually don’t. Really fun and mostly good in the forest here now, some parts of ice but just to take it easy or go around there. Bikes are just getting dusty 😉

Le Peloton tomorrow and then back on mtb, want to get better and faster until the races begins 😀

Map and stats from today: Strava

Le Peloton #127, last for 2016

The year ended fast. Today was the last Peloton and I went there with really heavy legs from my maybe hardest week so far. For the first time with the Le Mond owner Kalle:


And the usuals, + a guy we didn’t recognize who came too late for the picture:


Slow legs as said so Nils, Michael and the unknown guy passed me fast. I thought I just ride the shortest loop if Claes pass me too, but he didn’t so I had to do the long one 😉 Almost caught the unknown a few times as his rear light came closer but never got up. After I heard it was Michael who wasn’t as fast as usual today who was in front of me. Made me feel a little stronger 😀

A nice breakfast on Vivels where I tried to order ”the usual”, almost succeeded. Me and Michael did like on Wednesday and took a lap around Älta after to collect some extra km to #Festive500 😉

Map and stats: Strava

Compared to the winterdressed Kalle I found the 6° C warm and rode in thinner clothes, nice with some heat 🙂


2 of each with Specialized S-Works shoes and helmet, Le Peloton bibs and jersey, Café du Cycliste legwarmers and underjersey, POC shoecovers and vest, Garmin watch and heart rate band ;). And as it’s Rapha Festive 500 Rapha socks, armwarmers and scarf.

Fast clothes but wet ground made it all dirty, my Sequoia got a hard life:


Le Peloton #126 and Rapha Festive 500

Have been celebrating Christmas without a bike since last post and got a stupid thought. Maybe it’s possible to ride the 500km to complete Rapha Festive 500 from Tuesday to Saturday, in Sweden, while also working full time.

Christmas was really nice, got a good family 🙂 and sometimes it can be nice to not ride your bike for a little while. Get some distance.

Yesterday I rode to Ingarö in the morning and gravel with Patrik in the evening.

Today I started with Le Peloton cx as usual on a Wednesday:


Heavy legs after yesterday so got somewhere in the middle. Really hard pack so my Specialized Trigger 38mm tires rolled pretty fast anyway.

And as I’m in the best ”club” in Stockholm, Sumo Cycling who after some discussions we were 6 riders that left for Bullandö in the evening. Easy tempo Sumostyle means full speed as long as people last. I didn’t last so long so the tempo got down to a more normal winter tempo. Awesome with happy strong friends riding together and enjoying bikeriding even when the temperture drops to -9,5° C and every hand was cold.

Le Snooze

Awesome name as I did sleep over 1h extra compared to when I’m riding Le Peloton. It’s nice with friends that start work late and want to ride before. Met up with John and Patrik as the regulars at Hammarbybacken and then the new guy in the hoods, Martin Söderström did his first ride on his Crux. And Emile joined us too.

We did go fast up a climb, and sprint up two small climbs. Otherwise it felt pretty easy and just like a nice ride with great people 🙂 Met a couple of other friends also out riding.

Emile had a photoshoot:


And as you see it was light, the best thing with riding a bit later 🙂

It was such a ride you would expect to get a pretty slow time on the CXloop we did. Last time I did it Peloton style I got 1h4min and it didn’t feel good but I dropped Fredrik and caught Rille.

Today 1h5min, haha

map and stats: Strava

Patrik thought he won:


And I thought Rio with a scarf, lovely piece:


Group but with Emile behind the camera so missing out:


Another nice morningride in the books and I think I can survive this autumn too 😀 (at least Vivels will survive with all the food we eat there)

MTB chill

After Saturdays ride I felt maybe I should stop with cycling for a couple of weeks and take some autumn rest. But meanwhile I’m in a Challenge on Strava with Warsaw Cycling that I wanted to finish. 4 weeks.

My heart rate is always low the last rides, my speed is always low and the power the same. Everything explained by a lot of riding for a long time. But stop riding when the autumn is beautiful, the trails are dry and gravelrides like a dream? It’s too hard so instead I dropped all about pressure, riding faster and trying to keep up with the ones still being in good shape. Keeping cycling fun with focus on smiles and enjoying the beautiful autumn that I love.

This morning was such a ride with Magnus. MTB in Sickla on awesome trails without pushing the limits but just having fun on a nice spin in the morning 🙂


I really can recommend riding mtb with a good friend and just having fun on great trails 😀 Let the pressure be in Doha 😉

Älgö to Färingsö

Asked Anders if we could go a bit slower to Älgö than usual this morning, didn’t got any answer nor did he show up. Instead came 5 riders that usually does Morningspins on Djurgården and my SUMOfriend The Joker. The morningspinriders are very nice guys but regret a little that I invited them, they are really fast. Almost got dropped in the first climb, but took a good bite in my bartape and as vice guide I had to show or shout out the route at least 😉

Short turns with goal to survive made it good, ended with a PR and 2nd best overall on the route. Map and stats: Strava

Ended it all with a great breakfast at Vivels, sat there for 2h and met 4 other friends there too. Lovely place in Hammarby Sjöstad 🙂

älgö morningspin

Bad thing is that I think I drank a bit too much coffee and my stomach wasn’t good on all day, was thinking of cancelling my evening ride but thought I could make it short instead. So after working I went to Le Mond and met up 5 others riding towards Färingsö. Missed Carmen and Elvira who I looked forward to ride with and missed the easy pace. Did my best to ride easy and did okey with that pace 😉

cafecykling Färingsö

Map and stats from that ride: Strava hmm, was a lot of PR there, strong guys taking turns today it seems 😉 Was more focused on keeping the heart rate down instead of looking at speed 😉

Deluxe and the tubular advantage

We have been riding back and forth to Älgö some morning in a good tempo. Today we did a longer ride and rode to Vissvass a bit south. More climbs, more speed and record with 4 riders. Great morning:


I wasn’t fastest but was fun and the new Swede Amir showed us how the young rides 😉

Ended with a better breakfast at Vivels and celebrated the end of an era:


As I don’t train proper, as I don’t have fast genes and as I ride with fast people I do whatever I can do to go faster. Today I changed from the springwheels to my tubulars. Roval CLX40 with Vittoria Corsa SC/CX tires and saved some weight:


Finished the gluing and the bike is 6,52kg 😀 Will change rear derailleur when the new one arrives and ordered som lighter discs and a lighter stem. Awesome bike that made my commute home really nice:


So now let’s hope I can go faster on tomorrows Le Peloton…

Back on the road

After having a cold and not been riding since Tuesday last week today was finally the day 🙂

Met up with Emil and Stefan at 6(!) at Urban Deli this morning and got a hard ride out to Älgö where we had a stop. So Emil could fix his puncture:



I’m trying Garmin’s radar lamp now, it can warn for cars coming from behind but not for punctures:


It felt a bit better after the stop but it was clear I hadn’t been riding properly for a while. It all ended back at Vivels where we had a nice breakfast, I couldn’t resist the cake of the week 😉


Was really nice to be back and even while my Diverge wasn’t the fastest with me on it felt so good:

Map and stats: Strava

And as the weather got better over the day I decided to ride without shoecovers on my way home. Trying a pair of new long socks today, really nice with some color:


Nice to be back on the blog too, even while it’s not about the new Sram Eagle 1×12 groupset.