E-Diverge ready to roll


Got tired of waiting so finished my first 2018 Diverge today. Got my rotor adaptors back so fixed the brakes, shaved off some weight with a couple of bolts. And put on a bright bartape 😉  Thought of choosing a blue one first but already from the beginning I had a plan of a lot of color as it’s more fun and easier to see in the dark winter. Sram Supersuede on and it’s finished:


Or, probably getting a black saddle…

But anyway, 8,36kg and just waiting for the rider to be able to ride again 🙂

Blue Lightning #9 – Berk Composites Motika

Some packages are more fun to open than others. Custom is always on top. When I started my Epic ht project I thought of getting an AX-Lightness Leaf saddle with a Tune seatpost. But then I thought of Berk Composites who I’ve seen made some combos and also tried to get a combo from 5-6 years ago.


Now I got one 😀

It’s lighter than my other saddles:


After been using Specialized Phenom, Toupe, Romin, Power and Henge I found out that the hole in the middle is pretty good and I never had a better saddle than my Toupe saddles. Berk Lupina is a bit like it with grove in the middle and almost flat. Also in my width.

DSC_0733 (1)

Clean and ”simple” but so advanced in the same time. Now I’m just waiting for the last part until we will see how this ends 😉

Fox vs. Rock Shox

MTB gets bigger and heavier, more travel, more gears with a single chainring, levers for everything. Rock Shox came with their RS-1 which is heavier than a SID but they said it would be better…

This year Rock Shox came with a new SID, with Chargerdamper and at superlow 1366g for a regular RLC:


Looks like a Rock Shox fork, but is improved in every way and seems like the perfect weightweenie fork when you want damping that works.

Fox did the same, they improved. I’m more impressed over that as Fox never been as light as SID. Their new 32 SC(Step Cast):


Both brands cut of material on the lower legs but you see the difference more on the Fox as they also decreased the width. Both cut of the innerlegs a bit and made it to 100mm only, no 120mm and such AMstyle, pure XC.

1380g incl axle for the Fox according to R2:


The big question is:

Which one should I get for my weightweenie XC project for 2017?

Engage the lightness

There is something with chasing weights that attracts me. I’ve never been rich enough to just buy the lightest parts but always found a cheaper way to build light. My Tarmac is at the moment just awesome, but not light. Maybe have to do something about it. Until that I remember the old light times and thinking of AX-Lightness, b-t-p, Extralite and Tune:


the sad truth about weightweenies

Many years ago when people rode alu- and steelbikes weightweenies used to drill holes in parts to save weight. Always the easiest and cheapest way to save weight.

Then when modern carbon fibre frames and parts came weightweenies changed parts for carbon, tuning things like derailleurs with dremel and new carbon parts and alu screws. A rear derailleur at 130g and brands like Extralite, Tune, b-t-p, Carbon-Ti, Schmolke and THM Carbones was the thing. AX-Lightness and MCFK came and pushed it further with really light carbon parts and frames.

Then we came to now. When people buying a Tarmac, SuperSIX Evo, R5 or a Colnago C59/60 with Enve wheels, Sram Red groupset but with Clavicula crank and Praxis (!) chainrings. Enve stem, seatpost and bar, or 3T. It all results in a 6kg bike and they call them self Weightweenies. Without change of a single screw or even touched a dremel.

Team Sky talks about this:


What happened to that in cycling. Why are people on Weightweenies using heavy Praxis (I know they are good but anyway) chainrings when Extralite, Carbon-Ti or Tune is so much lighter? Why aren’t people putting a dremel in their Dura-Ace 9000 or Sram Red22 rear derailleur, or even changing pulleys? Why aren’t Extralite bigger and people using Tune U20 QR? Why are people talking about clinchers? Can people even spell to Schmolke?

I got S-Works

Specialized really god them self a high-end name with S-Works. Cannondale got their Black bikes but you never mention just the name Black when you talk about their top of the line helmet for example.

Scott got their RC or is Premium better?

No matter if you talk about bikes, helmets, shoes or chainring bolts if you want it from Specialized you know that S-Works are the best. Like with handlebars.

the 27th February I got a S-Works handlebar for my Allez, 40cm wide and shallow bend:

198g is pretty light but not the lightest you can get. Today I mounted a new S-Works handlebar on my cx. I would say that Specialized S-Works shallow bar or Deda Superleggera got the best shape on the market with their flat top that is rotated perfect for holding.

Back to my Crux. The same model as I got in February and same measurements, but far from the same weight:

21g lighter! 21g! It’s in the same weight category as the lightest Fi’zi:k handlebar. Like Christmas for a weightweenie like me.

Ending the post with a bit more S-Works. We got the new mtbshoes today. Looks the same as the old ones but a bit changes in the opening that suits me so much better. Couldn’t have the old ones but the new ones fit me perfect:

sorry for my low socks, good to work in, not for riding.

Dry isn’t always a bad thing

Pretty dry of blogposts here now, don’t really know what to write about if I should be honest. Any questions you want answers on or any thoughts of what you want me to write about?

Maybe you, like me wonder why Specialized isn’t producing their superlight Roval Alpinist SL Carbon wheels anymore?

1024g is really light. 226g lighter than Roval’s lightest wheelset now (Rapide CLX 40)

WW ftw!

Cyclists says sometimes that a gram more or less doesn’t matter. There are a group that doesn’t agree at all, Weightweenies. The group that got their own forum weightweenies.starbike.com that includes at least to pro cyclists. One of them is the Swiss CX racer Simon Zahner that was leading Cross Vegas for a while.

The other one is racing the Vuelta at the moment and is more famous. Adam Hansen. If you don’t know who it is then you should the replay of today stage. Adam Hansen won!!!!


So much ww that he makes his own shoes. Superlight of course. Awesome that he won, but I missed it, will see the highlights tonight.

Can also recommend todays stage of Tour of Britian 🙂


informationsinlägg idag känns det som med dessa 2 senaste inläggsrubrikerna. Som ni kan se i det förra inlägget så fattas det en skruv till adaptern, den är på väg ifrån Frankrike nu, skickades innan idag.

Sen om ni kollar på de 2 skruvarna som håller Juicy Ultimateoket så har är det Avid Tri-Align med brickor och grejjer både under och över för att kunna justera oket i vinkel. Avid är de enda som har detta. Varför ska man justera något som ska vara rakt och rätt ifrån fabrik och som fungerar med alla andra bromsok? Varför ska man ha lätt för att sätta oket snett och slita belägg snett istället för rakt?

Jag har mätt och vägt lite och kommit fram till att jag kan spara 6g per broms samt att få oken raka. Hade skruvarna varit i stål istället för titan som det är i nu hade jag kunnat spara mer. De brickorna som sitter mellan ram/gaffel och ok måste sitta där för att oket ska sitta rätt men tar jag bort de andra och byter till kortare skruv så sparar jag som sagt 3g/skruv, 6g/broms, 12g/cykel.

Då kan man köpa sådana här fina Shimano Yumeya YM-BR81skruvar

Finns på Cyclecomponents. säljs 2st/paket för enbart 780kr. 780kr för två M6x15 titanskruvar. Sjukt. Samma butik säljer Syntace titanskruv för 55kr/st (110kr istället för 780kr). Yumeya är ju lurendrejjeri. För nybörjare som inte vågar tänka själva.

För mig blir det 4st M6x20mm Syntace titanskruvar. Ska ni köpa de så var Cyclecomponents billigare än kvickmc.se är. Ett litet tips.