Le Peloton #95


Started with a Tuesday with new wheels. Sold my CLX 40 tubulars and got a pair of Roval CXL64 disc, was like Christmas at work when they arrived 🙂 Massive with their 29,9mm width and 64mm height but seems second lightest in it’s category with only Tune Schwarzbrenner that comes in lighter. But also not so high and not as wide.

Wasn’t feeling perfect but felt fun to try my new wheels on yesterdays peloton with a lot of people:


and new Gelatosocks:


Wasn’t on top and ended pretty far bak in the group which made me suffer a lot. Came up ok up to Fisksätra but almost got dropped on the way down again. Kept up with the peloton until Sickla and got dropped up pasted Hästhagen…

Rode alone and took the shortcut in Älta. Came to Enskededalen in time to see Damian take the sprint and the fast Jacob smash the KOM. A new KOM every week, impressive.

We all got a great breakfast at Le Mond and sat there for a long time talking to Emile in the sun. So nice.

Map and stats: Strava

Then the sad part started. Rolled of to work like usual but at the second intersection I got rammed by a car. Braked a bit but didn’t have any space to go so stepped of my bike and saw my new front wheel being driven over by a Passat:


The cardriver did a u-turn without looking enough to the side where I was rolling. Smashed wheel and scratched fork and levers 😦

Topped it off with getting a proper cold like Emil, Ricky and Simon also seems to got from the weekend 😦 Let’s hope this turns soon.

Specialized Allez Sprint

With innovation it will bring us so much more fun. There are some comparing bikes just looking at the components when they aren’t as important as the frame. But there is always a budget, most often at least and that’s why Cannondale has lead the industry of high end aluminium roadbikes with their Caad. They made both Specialized and Trek keeping their alu frames up to date and even Canyon has got on to the train of a good aluminium roadframe, not just cheap.

So what to do when you pushed the limit of a regular roadframe in a material? Like they did with carbon, let’s go aero.


Specialized spent more time in the Wind Tunnel developing the Allez Sprint than the old Venge. It’s as stiff in the bottom bracket as a Tarmac and the seatpost is straight stolen from the Venge ViAS. A smartweld bottom bracket unit got the stiffness up and the weight down:

1160g in size 56 so when people talk about that aeroframes are heavy they had wrong in this case. Specialized went all the way on the Allez sprint and steepened the seat tube angle, lowered the head tube and got a little higher bottom bracket. All to be good in going fast around Criteriums. So it was perfect to add a Sram 1x drivetrain and skip the front derailleurmount too.

It was launched in the middle of 2015 it’s still cool. And still not available in the Swedish market which is a shame.

But it’s been upgraded. Now also available as a x2 version with front derailleur:


Can also look like this special for Chris Riekert at Specialized with Campagnolo EPS in the colour that maybe suits Specialized better than Bianchi:


(did you notice the ViAS handlebar?)

Want to know more, look here: Bikeradar or SBC