With Sthlmess to the north

I’m not a tourist that likes to stop and watch things, but I want to see things and discover new places. I’m always motivated to ride in new areas, to new places or in different directions. When Rille asked me if I wanted to join his new teams training today I felt more fun than the alternatives.


First a lot of suburb, the finer ones until we hit the beauty of Kalhäll. Going along the water instead of towards home tired on the asphalt as last time was much nicer 🙂 Rode the small route to Kungsängen and along Mälaren. Until the thing that no one wants happened. Dante slipped in a corner and while the rest of us (except Rille who was in the front) tried to brake and not run over him we crashed too, super slippery black ice 😦 A couple of bruises and straightening a saddle we got up on our bikes again. Now a bit slower.


Out on a big road and it looked a bit icy but no worries, tried to stand up and try the rear wheel grip once and it wasn’t much. Said to Rille I thought of quitting and taking the first train home. We met a couple of other riders and joined them for a bit and then we found a nice cycling path. The three of us without studs got happy about the grippy gravel 😉 Cruised along towards Sigtuna and the famous fika


and for the only picture I took today:


Stopped at Tant Brun and got coffee and cake, worth coming back (in the summer). After Mårten talked about taking the train home from Märsta which was closest and I wanted to join. Rode a nice cycling path straight over to Märsta and then we changed our minds when we had to ride back to the train. Continued with the group and took the train from Rosersberg which was the next station instead.

Map and stats: Strava part 1

Perfect timing in Rosersberg and didn’t even have to wait for the train to arrive. Got on and was satisfied with the beautiful ride. The train had to wait for a green signal but no rush for us. After a while they said it was an electrical fail further ahead and we had to wait. After 40min the website said the traintraffic should be starting 20min, we waited and joking about it. Then when it changed again and they didn’t know when it should start we left… Cold we started to ride back to Stockholm instead, easy in the beginning then it’s like a labyrint from Upplands Väsby and to Sollentuna, messy cycling paths that goes back and forth under and over the main road.

Outside Sollentuna we said goodbye and took different ways, it started to get dark and I just wanted to go a known road home. Stopped for a mars and took of my innergloves as I needed more space for my fingers. got up the heat again and the kilometers got moving with straight known cycling paths, red light intervalls at Sveavägen and I could smell a warm shower and my sofa. 🙂

Map and stats: Strava part 2

Home and happy. Some really nice roads today and I have to do the same route (except the trainstop) in the spring/summer again 🙂 Great company and pace too. And thanks to Rille for all pictures except the bikepicture, good with a photographer with you on bikerides 😀


Tour de Ötzi (or I’m stupid)

I didn’t ride Vintervättern but I did this shorter version. Tour de Ötzi is a Brevet race around Mälaren (the short 198km loop) in wintertime.

I got out of bed 5.50 and sat on my bike 6.45 this morning. Rode to Barkarby and signed in. Around 30 riders to start which seems to be the record wintertime.


It felt too fast in the beginning, it felt like I should hit the wall just before Södertälje but the stop saved me. Probably didn’t look so good as both Martin and Hagen asked who I was. Thought about turning around but as on Lida Loop last year I continued. Was good first from Södertälje but after Nykvarn it started to feel to fast, a long day. Dropped the first group and as some others dropped a little earlier I thought they would catch me.

Wasn’t sure about the road in Mariefred so a guy caught me and we rode together for some minutes before he rode too slow I thought. Came to the next stop in Strängnäs when the first group left. All alone and left alone. After that I didn’t saw any rider at all and it felt like the straights were climbs, my tires/wheels felt slow and I felt weak. Kept my pace with the thought that if the legs were spinning I would reach the finish.

Ate a hamburger in Bålsta and then it started to feel a little bit better. When seeing the sign Barkarby it felt good.

Finished after 9h15min, 198km which around 130km alone. Felt like waste. Sat there with the first group and a guy that just came in ahead of me. The first group came in 35min before so not so bad of me.

After riding totally wrong twice when trying to get home I played safe and rode on known roads to get home sometime.

10h20min in the saddle which is an all time record with 246km so my 2nd longest ride. Magic.

No neon reflex vest today as I wont be a randonneur:


Looked like this today, Café du Cycliste bibs and awesome winter bibs, old wool socks with Specialized Defroster shoes, Icebreaker wool underjersey with Specialized Therminal jersey and a Specialized Racing vest, Café du Cycliste scarf (style you know), and Öster Cykel buff under my Specialized Evade helmet and Oakley Radarlock glasses, Hestra lobster gloves worked good too:


Map and stats of my idiotic ride: Strava

And of course my Diverge worked perfect, fast ride today so never used the small chainring 😉

Now it’s time to rest as all of my body feels like waste and I am the one who have ridden most kilometers this month in Sweden on Strava 😀