Bike of the week: Cube Elite Super HPC Race 29

Long time since last bike but got this from a reader:


Frame: CUBE SHPC Carbon 29, stl. 19” 1.100g

Derailleur hanger: CUBE 20g

Headset: FSA top and Extralite lower. 73g

Seatclamp: New Ultimate 7g

Seatpost: New Ultimate EVO Carbon 31,6x410mm 130g

Saddle: CUBE SLT SHPC Carbon, 143mm 122g

BB: Race Face Cinch system BB92 68g

Crank: Race Face Next SL Carbon 383g

Crankarmprotection: Race Face 17g

Chainring: Race Face Direct Mount 34T 70g

Chain: Sram XX/ PC-1091R 252g

Chainguide: Carbon, custom. Alu bolt 24g

Rear derailleur: Sram XX, medium 184g

Trigger: Sram XX 103g

Wire: Jagwire LEK SL Carbonlook. Alu ends 40g
QR 15 axel: WR Compositi, alu 34g

X-12 axle: Syntace, alu 40g

Handlebar: Innolite MF 10 Carbon, 660mm 107g

Stem: Aerozine, alu, 100mm 100g

Grips: Extralite Hyper Grips 11g

Fork: WR Compositi AMT1 29e, Lockout. 100mm. 1.300g

Expander: Mcfk 13g

Topcap: CabonTi, alu bolt 6g

Stemspacers: Sram 2st. 6g

Brakes: Formula R1Racing. (front/183g and rear/198g) 381g

Caliperbolts: Formula orig, 4st. 15g

Rotors: Ashima Ai2, 160mm. 135g/par

Rotorbolts: Ashima alu. 12st. 10g

Wheels: AX Lightness SRT Carbon with Extra Lite Hyper hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes. 1067g
Tires: Tub, Tufo XC2 Plus. 1110g
Glue: Vittoria 1st. tub for 2 tires. 15g

Pedals: CrankBrothers Eggbeather 11, titan 183g/pair

Cassette: Sram XX/XG-1099, 11-36T 208g

Chainstayprotections: Custom in plastic 6g

Grease: 20g

Total weight: 7.360g

That is a light bike,

_MG_8762_H.Hjort _MG_8735_H.Hjort _MG_8729_H.Hjort _MG_8706_H.Hjort _MG_8686_H.Hjort _MG_8684_H.Hjort _MG_8683_H.Hjort _MG_8676_H.Hjort _MG_8672_H.Hjort

60mm 980g Leaf spring fork

From Iceland we soon can get this pretty non standard fork. 60mm suspension with 12 carbon blades:

Lighter than a normal fork so maybe the solution for everyone getting a stiff fork for their carbon 29er for gravel marathons.

The brand is Lauf Forks and you can see how it works on this video:

And read more about it here: Bikerumor

Pretty cool and fun to see people thinking new and make it real instead of just an idea.