Fox vs. Rock Shox

MTB gets bigger and heavier, more travel, more gears with a single chainring, levers for everything. Rock Shox came with their RS-1 which is heavier than a SID but they said it would be better…

This year Rock Shox came with a new SID, with Chargerdamper and at superlow 1366g for a regular RLC:


Looks like a Rock Shox fork, but is improved in every way and seems like the perfect weightweenie fork when you want damping that works.

Fox did the same, they improved. I’m more impressed over that as Fox never been as light as SID. Their new 32 SC(Step Cast):


Both brands cut of material on the lower legs but you see the difference more on the Fox as they also decreased the width. Both cut of the innerlegs a bit and made it to 100mm only, no 120mm and such AMstyle, pure XC.

1380g incl axle for the Fox according to R2:


The big question is:

Which one should I get for my weightweenie XC project for 2017?

Bundesliga Saalhausen!!!

Bundesliga is bike, not world cupbig but still big. Alexandra Engen has ridden well in U23 before and Emil Lindgren made some good places too. But this day, what a day. If it is any race I really missed that I didn’t see live it have to be this day. Swedens new day in Germany 🙂

If we start with the worlds number 1 ranked rider, Jenny Rissveds. She won women junior.

1. Jenny Rissveds

2. Veronika Brüchle – Stevens Schubert

3. Majlen Müller – Fujibikes Rockets

Fun to read that she won but it’s not so big if you look at her season, just good. And the big new hope for Swedish MTB. Will Sweden be fast like Norway was with both Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå and Lene Byberg?

Then the elite. First women with a blessed win. Alexandra Engen won! Second in the picture:

1. Alexandra Engen – Ghost Factory Racing Team

2. Anja Gradl – Team Bulls

3. Annika Langvad – Fujibikes Rockets

Impressive to win with riders like Annika Langvad. But muddy race and I know that Alexandra likes it. Very happy with her win like this before Worlds. Was talking about it over dinner, before next thing.

Men elite, the other Swedish prorider Emil Lindgren also likes mud. But on paper harder to win with many strong and fast riders. But he won too!

1. Emil Lindgren – Rabobank-Giant

2. Ralph Näf – Multivan Merida Biking Team

3. Michiel van der Heijden – Rabobank-Giant

6. Manuel Fumic – Cannondale Factory Racing

3 swedish wins in a big race in Germany. Really good news and fun to hear. Hope it will continue so I am staying updated 😉 Olof Jonsson came 2nd in the Men U23 too 🙂

In BMC Cup in Switzerland Nino Schurter and Annie Last won the elite races.