The retarded route

Was an event some years ago called Tour de Retard that went from Nynäshamn to Stockholm on asphalt and gravel. Today me and some different people did the same ride in the best autumn sun. Autumn can be the most beautiful time of the year and include some rides I will remember for a long time. Sweden is great with its 4 seasons.


Some old faces and some new today and a great group 🙂 nice plan by Patrik who took this picture as you may have guessed.

Had some problem with my gps in the beginning as the route was opposite to what we rode and it sent on wrong roads 😦 missed my Suunto Ambit3 with just a line to follow then. Ended up riding with Google maps and the route on ridewithgps on internet comparing. Worked pretty good but had to stop many times to check. Anyone who wants to buy a Garmin 820 from me?

Awesome ride except that. 🙂 Me and Patrik rode hipster style with a Oakley Frogskins today too, or Terrible Tuesday style 😉 Everything isn’t about wattage and training effect and this was such a day. It went sometimes slow and sometimes fast, everyone got tired I think but enjoying the magic autumn on new gravel roads was the priority.

Map and stats (including the train as Strava included the paused time): Strava


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