XCO World Cup in Cairns: Women

Women U23:


1. Helen Grobert – Focus XC Team

2. Jenny Rissveds – Scott Racing

3. Jovana Crnogorac

Then the Women Elite with Jolanda Neff as biggest name and mud that should fit Alexandra Engen. Julie Bresset always a rider to keep out for too. But today didn’t went as usual. Jolanda Neff and Eva Lechner started fast as usual but after some time Neff dropped, and dropped, and dropped. Alexandra Engen punctured in the wrong place so had to walk a long way and lost the race. Julie Bresset had some physical problems so DNF.

So it was Eva Lechner who rode the race strong and alone in the front. Chased by Sabine Spitz who had a puncture and had to change wheel. Emily Batty and Irina Kalentieva was close so passed and Batty liked the warm humid conditions so impressed today.

1. Eva Lechner – Colnago Südtirol

2. Emily Batty – Trek Factory Team

3. Sabine Spitz – Sabine Spitz Haibike Team

4. Irina Kalentieva – Russvelo

5. Tanja Zakelj – Unior Tools Team

9. Jolanda Neff – LIV XC Pro Team

Men elite is racing now on live.redbull.tv Don’t miss.



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