Cross sunday

First training in Stockholm today and what a ride. And Stockholm isn’t so big as it can feel when you see it on a map.

Today I was supposed to cross the city to come to a place called Stora Skuggan and do a training race with some others and it is pretty easy to find the way from here. Specially when I caught up with the race organizers Fredrich and Birjer half way 😉 They sat out some small cones when we came their and I talked to some riders that came.

Did a master lap and the course was really nice. Mostly grass, some corners, a bit of mud but in general pretty easy. Suited me and my lack of skills.

The race went pretty good even that I was far down in the field. Lost some place and gained some. Jesper was the man of the day and lapped me the 2nd last lap. Then I got lapped by 3 more on the last lap and almost got caught by the guy behind me, but made it 🙂 Pumped my tires to 2bar before I left home and took some out before the race, think I took a bit too much out as I was bottoming out around 5 times in the race. Never had so low pressure in my Specialized Tracer tires before, but was great traction and floated over everything 🙂 Would guess around 1,1bar rear and 1,3 in front or something.

Jesper also took some pictures, like this of me, Tony and Robin:

Changing clothes and talking after the race:

And then the most important thing, a swedish fika (coffee and cake) on the local café.

Back home through the city with more traffic and got to wash my bike at Fredrich so came home with a pretty clean bike 🙂 Great start of the day with great people.

Map and stats here, the race is lap 3: Movescount


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