New parts, different parts :)

Have been riding with a too light seatpost, Omniracer, on my CXbike that I changed today. Now a 51g heavier KCNC Ti Pro-Lite post that I will cut soon:


And then I also got maybe the most unnecessary part, A Fi’z:k rubberring for the seatpost, a yellow just for the fun of it 🙂 Also trying with a shorter stem, a heavy cheap BBB 100mm mounted now instead. Was 179g, mad weight. And thought my Tune Geiles Teil stem was 110mm, but it seems to be 120mm, not strange that I was thinking of a shorter one. Complete bike for tomorrow:


Should be 7kg ± some few grams now.

Also got some ti-bolts for my roadbike build, when going with little more original standardparts you got to save weight on other places. Then bolts are perfect. 3 ti-bolts instead of 3 steel-bolts on the ISP and here is the result with a 85g saddle:


Was 118g original so saved 16g 😀


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