snow, – and a enjoying life on my bike

When it’s cold most people change tires to studded  or just stay at home like people seemed to be doing today. I’m using good plush tubulars so I just lowered the pressure and took of my bottle cage and went out.

2,2bars was perfect for riding today, asphalt and snowy roads. Like this:

The brakes didn’t touch even when they are in the closes mode, good stuff full of snow. But the things that didn’t work so well today was my aluminium Recon cassette, the snow stuck to it:

Skipped a bit the first way around after changing gear before the chain got proper grip. But rear derailleur worked like always even full of snow. The other thing I can’t recommend anyone is to ride with roadpedals in snow. At least not time RXS. Never had any problems with Crank Brothers in snow or mud but it took me almost 10min today before I got clicked in with my right shoe. And I thought of road wintershoes, no way.

Nice ride otherwise and the weather just got better and better. Around 2-3 minus Celsius. And coming back to Bergen center and looking at home on the other side:

Blue sky now. And soon time for CX in Roubaix. Good life 🙂 Map and graph of the day: TrainingPeaks Snow

Ending with a picture for Boonen’s CXrace yesterday won by Zdenek Stybar and for 5th place, Peter Sagan. Riding with classic bend and on a 2012 Cannondale SuperX like me:




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