Norwegian, Swiss, Polish and Czech victories today

Start from the last win, Amstel Gold Race that I always seemed boring but today I watched it and found out that is a really nice race with a lot of action. Sad action like Thomas Voeckler broke a collarbone and Philippe Gilbert (man of the day) was in the middle of a big crash that made riders go off road CXstyle.

Awesome end with Roman Kreuziger trying to attack and succeeding as the chasers didn’t chase him down in time. Really good racing and behind him Philippe Gilbert showed the others that you have to try, he almost got the second sprint but started the sprint a bit to early so ended 4th.



Then it was MTB-Cup or Bundesliga race in Münsingen with a lot of fast riders to start, at least in the womens category. Maja Włoszczowska won in front of Adelheid Morath and third was the winner from yesterday. Alexandra Engen:



In Switzerland there was BMC Cup or Swiss Cup with world champion Nino Schurter beating the ex world champion Julien Absalon that maybe got to big wheels this season:



And last race. Straumemilen, a 10km time trial her in Bergen today won by a rider from the elite team in my club, Fana Il 🙂 Ole Andre Austevoll with a bike I mounted 1,5 week ago with Zipp 900 rearwheel glued by me on thursdag 😉 Nice to read about a win after some hours working on this bike:



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