Enjoying autumn with some friends

Met up with Fløyen MTB this morning for a nice soft sunday ride. Discussed wheelsizes like always and today it was a bit fun with that. 1 29″, 3 27,5″ and 3 26″. First time ever 27,5″ is so well represented and not beaten by any other odd size 🙂 My Liteville 301 is like a toy that begging for going fast so perfect for this rides. Rode up Fløyen in pretty soft tempo and then 3 more riders, 1 29″ and 2 26″ more. Rode Sticks’n’Stones a bit better than yesterday but not as good as I want. Then some waiting and going down Stand and Deliver. Sat on the wheel to Ole Anders and felt good with some nice lines and just to push the bike through the mud. A bit more waiting again and then back up to the start. A steep short climb where Eirik attacked and I followed, was hard. Continued easy up to Brushytten but Eirik looked like he attacked on the last corner so I answered and disappeared, like the others standing still. Felt awesome at that moment and the bike responded great. Continued up Rundemann and stopped to take a photo. Eirik passing by:



On my bike again and up to the top. Last corner I attacked to get some intervals too, 189 in heartrate and almost had to brake to not ride of the road 😉 Fun 😀 A break on the top for some food, enjoying the view and trying a Scott Genius 720 for me and John.

IMG_20131110_112334 IMG_20131110_112330

A Genius 27,5″ with 150mm front and rear with Shimano XT. Shimano with Shadow+ derailleur is really stiff and makes the gearing hard. Prefer the easy levers on Sram no matter what derailleur you use. But curious on the Schwalbe Hans Dampf he had, should fit on my bike too and with TrailStart they should have a bit better grip. Felt like that at least or the bike was a bit slow just. Can say I won’t change for a Scott Genius at least. After enjoying the lovely weather on the top we rode down the gravel to Hardbakkedalen which is a singletrack going in and down. Dropped the post and just rode, bike went as a dream and felt really comfortable on it. Slowed down on a place as I wasn’t sure where the two riders in front of me had ridden and at that time I got passed by John. So had to hear that 80mm hardtail is faster afterwards 😉 Went out to the walking path again and crossed it for a pretty straight slack singletrack where I was flying, so fun to just press on and go fast there. Down some stairs and over the walking path again.

Then a new singletrack for me, steep first and then it got steeper down, never ridden anything that steep before. But went great so down at Svartediket we rode around on the walking path and up to ride it again 🙂 Thought of trying another way but rode the same as first time again, not as good grip on the downhill but worked.

Great riding, great people and great weather made this sunday morning a really good one 🙂 The time of the year you regret not riding more cool tracks in the summer when it’s dry.

Map and stats, with wrong altitudestart: Movescount


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