Bike of the week

Long time, and it’s a bit said but this bike is too good not to show:


Annika Langvad’s new Specialized S-Works Era with world champ colors and all the latest by Specialized. Silver flake and Dark Red showing the Danish colors, Cosmic black bottom which is a color that have to be seen irl to understand it. Sram XX1 Eagle with a Quarq crank as standard for the Sramsponsored pro’s. But the new Magura brakes is a bit more different. And all small blue tunings with Carbon-Ti started by Sauser for the S-Racing 🙂 Ceramic Speed bearings of course, danish speed.


news: Cannondale Scalpel 2017

Tomorrow is the day Cannondale’s: Built for XXC will be released. Everyone knows already that is it about the new Cannondale Scalpel Si. Cannondale has some to catch up on FS XC racebikes and will they manage it? Will they use Ai6 for 12x142mm? What’s in front of the rear damper inside the frame? How low stack will it have? Is it fast? Light?


Black Inc, nothing for me or my style but have to be available for those who want’s the latest tech and fallen for the Enve hype.


Berserker Green for teamriders like Manuel Fumic and wannabes like all of us 😉


And the bike for all Cannondale lovers. The quality of XX1, the stiffness and pure beauty of Hollowgram with an OPI ring. It got it all except a flashy seatpost. Probably for a price not even Canyon can compete with.


My expectations are high, will it be even close to as tight and racy as a Specialized Epic WC? How short will the chainstays be? More info tomorrow after I’ve tried the fastest gravelmtb in Stockholm (more on that too).

Faster Le Peloton

Spring is getting closer and closer and the speed gets higher and higher. Today I had the same problem as last sunday, my gears are to easy and I had problems keeping up. Not the fastest guys today so could hang on wheels longer time than earlier and when I got dropped I continued to ride until we came back to Enskede so never any easy riding. Great training but shorter trainingtime than usual 😉

From this morning outside Urban Deli:

Map and stats: Movescount 28,7km/h average on the Le Pelotonpart.

Wednesday=Le Peloton

33mm tubulars isn’t always best.

Met these guys at 6.00 this morning:

And after we started we met Magnus too. 7 riders a snowy wednesday morning wintertime feels pretty good. Rode the roadlap excluding Fisksätra and a part in Älta, just like last week but today I was riding the right road all the way 🙂

The three guys to the left on the picture rode alone and me, Magnus and Fredrich who is the mtbiker on the picture rode together and Johan on his On One alone. Not the fastest day but pretty nice snow and awesome cyclingpath from Hellas to Älta. Flat under the centimeter of snow that came last night, beautiful. Some tricky sections except that that made my cyclocross go all over the place while Fredrich on his Epic with wide Schwalbe studded tires didn’t seem to bother 😉

Map and stats: Movescount

Ended with a great breakfast at bikecafé Lemond 🙂 Great start.

And ending this post with a picture of me being bikefitted by Patrik yesterday before we changed handlebar and finished it:


Camberparts + tuned XX1

Before I used Sram XX1 on my bike but this year I go a bit cheaper with Sram X1 that came with my new bike.

Cassette is the thing that gains the most weight:

Trigger with wire:

KMC X10 chain:

And the rear derailleur:

The derailleur isn’t so big difference in weight between XX1, X01 and X1. Check my earlier post with XX1 and X01: Sram X01

And to complete it a really tuned Sram XX1 derailleur by two German guys. Found it on Eliflaps blog

Mounted on a Specialized Stumpjumper ht:

Garbaruk Melon

A bikepart that’s named melon is always cool. A name that you remember. So what is it?

It is a wide/narrow oval chainring fitting most standards like Cannondale’s Hollowgram by Eliflap:

Or Sram:

Or just a regular 4-bolt crank:

Or maybe the only one fitting FSA’s strange 3-bolt:

In a lot of types and sizes, all from Ukraine. More info here: Garbaruk

Epic Gallardo World Cup, fastest mtb in Sweden

There is one thing seeing cool things on internet but to actually feel it is so much cooler. I still thinks the Rock Shox RS-1 is too flexy (when turning), too heavy and expernsive but I don’t know any cooler XC fork and it makes me want to have one. A RS-1 100mm without shortened steerer with Brain and including Maxle:

With the coolest Epic World Cup frame. Size Large with all small parts (no axle, seatclamp):

If you live in Sweden you probably won’t miss this bike. Matthias Wengelin‘s new training bike (will change crankset and pedals):

More orange in real and will be even cooler with a Sram XX1 SRM crankset on. Don’t think you can ride faster than this bike will go.

Never wanted an Specialized Epic more than now 😉