new Tune saddle and QR

RE4MER is the latest saddle from the German company

62,5mm high so a high saddle with a width of almost 130mm. But even with that height it is really light at 79g. The leather you see in white here is alcantara and in regular Tune style available in different colours:

The more cool thing is the new QR they come with after Eurobike. As for now when everyone using thru axles where you either have to use a allen key to loosen or turn around for a while to get it out it’s a bit time consuming. Suntour got a faster system but hasn’t come on anything else and Suntour isn’t that usual.

Tune and Winora/Haibike developed the QC system. A nonthreaded fork/frame where you mount a small end in to work with a special QR. Fast and stiff.

Watch this video and you will understand:

Why shave weight of your bike?

If you wonder why to shave weight of your bike, there is a great article about it here: Peloton

A light and stiff bike with great fit will always be fast, like my Cannondale SuperSIX Evo I had at just 5,65kg:

Which light bike is the best you’ve ridden?

french, swedish, german

Found a really nice french bike a couple of days ago. Earlier I have been dreaming of a Time VXRS World Star Ulteam but now I found an alternative. Time Vibraser, look at this french made beauty:

time vibraser

Classic, clean tubes and a thin straight fork. No matter how modern and well designed a frame is I always dream of a classic bike like this.

A bit more modern and from Sweden comes the beautiful Rolo here built right except for groupset:


5,9kg, 14250€, Roues Rar 38mm wheels, Tune, AX-Lightness, Extralite and so on 🙂 Just missed the Super Record group 😉 Some of you maybe think this is just a showbike and not made for riding. But it’s built for riding:


Allez Allez!!!

Look at that. I had a thought of buying a Specialized Allez Comp Race in black with white logos, use a white saddle and bar tape and keep it original. That would be pretty expensive so I got a frameset and some parts as I already had some laying around.


frameset: Specialized Allez size 52 2015 Multi Keyline

seatpost: Specialized ”iron” soon going to be changed (283g)

saddle: Tune Komm-Vor+

spaces: Reset Racing

expander and top cap: Extralite

stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0

handlebar: Deda Campione

bartape: Specialized S-Wrap Roubaix

Doubletap: Sram Force

front derailleur: Sram Force

crankset: Sram Force with Tune Triebtreter chainrings

brakes: Sram Force

rear derailleur: tune Sram Red

wires and housing: Jagwire organic green and blue

cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace

chain: Shimano Ultegra

wheelset: Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate

QR: Tune U20

tires: FMB Competition CX Soie

pedals: Time Xpresso 8

bottle cages: Tune Wasserträger Uni

weight: 6,5kg

Love this matching with wirehousing and frame logo:

A lot of carbon to be an alu bike 😉

Some small adjustments and a new seatpost before it’s finished. Cheapest roadbike for a long time 🙂

Ronde van Nøtterøy

Blue sky and sunny autumn. Perfect for a nice ride on some new roads on Nøtterøy, rode all over the island 😉

Autumn on the cycling paths so great with CX tires today:

Found the way to the sea too

Really nice ride in easy pace. Changed for my Sram XX1 crankset with a 38t chainring today so no chaindrops or problems, just to ride 🙂

And with a swedish view:

around 9° Celsius and sunny was really nice to ride in, perfect autumn day. Perfect last ride in Norway too just enjoying the creation 🙂

My ride: Movescount

2nd last ride

After rebuilding my SuperX for the road a bit yesterday it was time to ride today. With Jon Even and Pål on real roadbikes. 2-3h and came home after 3h7min, last time I rode for so long was the 20th september, over a month ago.

So a sunny ride today on some dry and some wet roads. Thought of taking a picture riding but my gloves didn’t work on my phone today so no pictures while riding. Rode to Andebu and around Sandefjord easy said and like usual riding in Vestfold I ride on new roads 🙂 Feels like it is enormous amount of small roads around here and thanks to Pål I had a hard time sometimes too 😉 Great training, good people and the only two bad things was that my front chainring didn’t want to keep the chain when riding on the two smallest sprockets on the way from Sandefjord so rode a bit slower. And somewhere in Sandefjord I rode over a piece of glass that cut through my silk front tire 😦 Just small so stopped and pumped once and then it was fine for riding home.

Here is a picture of my do-it-all bike:

And if you want to see where we rode and how fast you can see it here: Movescount

The one and only

There are a few moments in life when you see the tragic thing. Moments when you start to think: why do I have so many parts? why 4 saddles? why 4 pair of pedals?

The moments when you realize that you only got 1 bike, 1 single bike, not even 1 bike and a project but just bike. How is it to not choose bike, to not choose shoes, to not choose helmet?

My one and only bike is a Superbike, my Cannondale SuperX:

The bike that is always there for me, the bike that I’ve been riding in the forest with, the bike I’ve been enjoying asphalt rides with friends around mountains, the bike that been through deep mud and the bike that has been carried over to high things.

Will I survive this or what to do?

Autumn ride after work

Last mtb training with the local club today. 10 riders so was just one group and I rode the day at the back to not ride too fast in the front 😉 Nice ride with a tempo that never made me lock my fork and was even riding the rear damper on Descend a lot today. Jsut playing around without having to ride slow. Great tempo.

Happy enough to even made to really hard and technical climbs. On the last one with a lot of stones I was slipping a lot but got grip and got up 🙂 Fun when it feels impossible at a moment and still make it 🙂

Gathering after a climb and changing guide:

Really nice with a full suspension bike on the climbs 🙂 Gets dark early now so was a bit to dark in the end but okey. Back home after 1h54min effective time 🙂 Aiming for a long nice CXride tomorrow 😀

Map and stats: Movescount