Happy sundayride

Is there better way to spend a sunday afternoon then be out riding nice trails with a friend in summer sunshine?

My legs felt tired as fast as I sat on my bike today but when I came out to Vardås and met Joachim and Erik I didn’t feel anything. Enduro riding so ride/walk up and then we rode down, through som bad track and up a new hill. Down back and then back to the first hill. Up halfways and then Erik left us as his bike didn’t work as he wanted to.

Me and Joachim rode almost all the way up again and down some new track and then he showed me some of Nøtterøys finest trails. Not always perfect for a 29er hardtail but fun and great climbing with a hardtail, so much easier to move over and get power on the pedals. No sitting around and playing but I like it, missed hardtail a bit.

Here is Joachim riding up to a super nice trail:


He rides a Trek Slash 7 27,5″ which isn’t as good uphill as the Superfly I borrowed this weekend but he’s superfast downhill.

Thought of writing that we ended with the best downhill but I’m not all sure, so many nice downhills. Some are a bit too technical for a XC hardtail but nothing impossible. Rode down a steep section today that neither me or Joachim was sure that I would ride, but went fine. If you got confidence and riding smooth you can ride a lot even with a XC hardtail, and even with 2.0″ tires that I got. Gravel racing and grass tires.

Map and stats of the sunny sunday ride: Movescount


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