When the S-Works just continues

Was asked to try a customers rear wheel that made a strange sound this weekend, on a Specialized S-Works Roubaix Sram Red Disc. Not the same bike as last weekend but almost. As the Roubaix is pretty high in the front beeing a comfort bike I changed to a steeper stem. -21° in the bottom on a 54cm frame made it perfect. Felt much better than last weekend using -16°.

Didn’t got any company so decided to go down to Västerhaninge and back home after work. Using my favorite glasses for road today, Oakley Jawbreaker:

And the thinnest jersey I’ve own, the POC Raceday jersey feels really nice and when I got one in right size the fit is great too 🙂

After passing Brandbergen I made the Roubaix get some speed. 3 riders on regular bikes in front of me that I passed in 50km/h. The bike went fast and it was just to hang in the drops 🙂

Saw the sign to Årsta Havsbad and took a longer way, felt great today and the sun was warm. Planned to get an ice cream in Västerhaninge on the way back but tailwind and I didn’t find any good place to stop made my continue.

In Haninge the was a roadwork and the Roubaix got some really bad gravelroad but of course without punctures or problems. Flew past 3 cyclists out Haninge and tried to push on some more the last part. But the energylevel wasn’t on top and it started to feel hard. And also while the Roubaix works well on riding fast and take up vibrations it’s not the fastest standing up, then the Tarmac (or Allez feels better).

Back home and I think I got my highest average speed riding alone here in Stockholm 🙂 31km/h for almost 2h. Map and stats here: Movescount

And the bike for the weekend:

Sorry for the pedals, rode with mtbshoes today as I rode my mtb to work this morning.

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