Le Peloton #63 + bonuslap

A happy day with pretty good weather, 6-7° C this morning and we all ask the same question. When is the winter coming for real?

Until then we continue as usual


I wasn’t fast today either, powerloss but my bike worked good and I wasn’t last. 😉 Rode the cx loop in 1h8min51sec with wet roads and had to pass a movierecording twice in the middle of the forest.

Map and stats: Strava

Got a great breakfast with great people and the fastest cappuccino, bikecafé Le Mond impressed. Some people don’t like to eat breakfast with others, I love it. Maybe it’s the best meal to share with people you like?

Todays outfit, windproof merinojersey, Pierette, from Café du Cycliste was super today. Should have more nice long sleeved jerseys and more merino 😉


As the day went and the weather got even better a friend came into the store and convinced me to ride with him afterwards.

So after work I rode the Peloton cx loop once again 😉 A bit drier, a bit more wind, a bit more company. 13sec slower time at 1h9min4sec. Good days training that 😉

Map and stats from the 2nd ride: Strava


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