The old got new

Some clothes you got more attached to than others. I got a pair of shoecovers in 2013:


They have been used a lot since that, both when it was raining and cold. With velcro closing at the back so very easy to get on and off no matter which shoes you’re using. Maybe that’s why I used them so much too.

A month ago or something like that I ordered a new pair of the same kind but been laying at work until now. Today my old ones went in the garbage bin:


A lot of extra holes after a hard life.

So new ones with a 2 part velcro and a little tighter (or just less used):


Thought of getting them in black but Screaming Yellow is so much better when the weather is bad. Let’s hope these will live as least as long 😀 And I’m hoping more brands than Pearl Izumi start using velcro instead of zippers that always break or are too tight.

Do you got any cycling clothes you really like and used for a long time?


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