White shoes, light shoes, superfast shoes

In some ways I am really conservative in cycling. I like modern high-end parts like discbrakes, 1×11 drivetrain, high profile carbon wheels and features like a Berner cage.

But when it comes to style it’s important to be correct for me. Some may laugh, some may think I’m strange but I like it clean. Superclean with some accents. Last year I had a pair of white/red Specialized S-Works shoes (that now are staying at my dad) which didn’t suit my bike perfectly but is really good and white as basecolour. They where 562g incl cleats for a pair. 231g for 1 shoe with original sole.

Now it’s 2016 and I got a dreambike becoming true. Specialized also released their cleanest shoes and maybe the cleanest shoes on the market as Giro got a big logo on their Empires. S-Works Sub6:


Clean, white and superlight (size 42). It’s a old fashion shoe with laces and no super special details as it looks but it got Specializeds best and stiffest sole, it got their new healcap and it comes with an Warp Sleeve when you want to go faster:


The most beautiful cycling shoe I’ve seen and felt.

And just the thoughts of a pair of high white socks in this riding to a café far away and eat icecream makes me want to train more than ever before to have good legs and a nice tan 🙂



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