Le Peloton #108

A new Wednesday, a new Peloton and today it seemed like a bit less people but now looking at the picture I might mistaken, over 45:


Viktor did a great job talking as a stand in as no ambassadors where at the place in time. Thought a bit I failed today too when me and Viktor had a little gap at Järnvägspizza 😉 Would say I almost dropped the group 3 times today but all the times there were riders enough for me to rest so had a wheel to follow. Didn’t go around all the time but as often as I felt I was able too. After Flaten I thought, just one more turn. Then I thought just one more turn. And then I took another one. Pushed as hard as I could and on the last straight I went up one time. Tried to hang on and then got dropped, an average of 177 in heart rate the last 1,9km 😉

A lot of suffering but also got a PR on Älta-Tempot with an average of 44km/h for 4,7km and 2nd best time this year of 1116 riders 😀

Was happy to have breakfast after that, felt like a really good training and ride and don’t know if I could have done it any better today. Fun today too with 5 Sumos and was great in Älta being 3 Sumos out of 5 riders in front 😉

Map and stats: Strava


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