the missing posts


photo by Jessica

Sometimes I just enjoy and not thinking about social media. Like on saturdays cyclocross race here in Stockholm. An awesome event but I was offline.

And I got a new project, or a cozy bike:


that I should write about some day and show you how good it looks.

Trying to make it fast with some light carbon aero bars:


I always liked to try new stuff with a purpose, always liked to optimize and I will never just satisfy with what someone else thinks of something. Like a Sequoia that comes with a 15mm riser bar and I slammed a -17° stem and put an aerobar on to go faster. Maybe I should have gone with a Diverge but I wanted the clearance that the Sequoia has, wanted a cool bike in steel, loved that it is designed but a Swede that has his mind in the future and maybe someone will convince me too ride further…


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