News: Trek Fuel EX 27,5″

Trek Superfly ht=Fast and light

Trek Fuel EX 29er=long and big

Trek Remedy 27=Really playful and fun

You see here in Trek’s range, something is missing. The fun middlepart (haven’t tried Superfly FS). The bike if you want a trailbike but maybe thinks 140mm is way to much. The bike that Rocky Mountain came with this year. Thunderbolt with 130mm and really great bike. Now Trek comes with a competitor to that and a 27,5″ trailbike for everyone that wants a bit more travel but not to much.

Trek Fuel EX 27,5:


Great color too, in a way I think black and orange will be the new cool color for bikes (hint)

It’s available in a couple of cheaper models too:

image002 image004

At the moment I don’t have so much more information about it except that there is something new about the rear damper called Re:Aktiv and it will be available soon in Europe. Except Norway where it’s not even sure it will come 😦 Let’s hope the distributor change their minds about that.

What do you think?


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