Le Peloton #60


You know when you are a family. When you can tease, say ironic things but in the end care a lot about the others? When the most important thing is to eat breakfast together?

Le Peloton CX has become such a family. We can ride so fast the others can’t keep up, we can joke, we can be mean and feel that the others got to do some work too. But the small group is just awesome. The attacks by Calle, the pro Sara, the colourful Christian, the strong Magnus and me. Today in company by our own Patrik.

Breakfast with ”dad” Kalle:


Le Peloton is too early, too hard but it’s so worth it as the weeks hardest training and most deserved breakfast. And it’s a perfect place to grow as a cyclist with such great members.

Even in wet which made me use my rain jacket and what can be the worlds best bibs, Café du Cycliste Jeanne:


My water repellent fleece lined bibs fits like a glove but better and keeping me dry and warm in worst conditions.

The new light I tried was great but took a bit of time to get to know the buttons and functions. Great way to lighten up the darkness.

Map and stats: Strava


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