Technical training around a small lake

There is a lake like 5km from my mums place where I’ve been riding for as long as I ridden a bike in the forrest. First time with a 3-speed 20″ bike it took 2h with a friend. Now it more takes like 25min 🙂 So asphalt and gravel road to Rydal and then up in the forrest to the lake. Tight technical trail with like 50m plain ground on the a little more than 4km it is around. Except the bridges. Here is a couple of pictures from the middle part:

IMAG0704 IMAG0705


Managed a drop today that I never managed before and it’s fun to see the development time to time when riding around. Two parts on the way around I never fixed now, the stairs that shows on the first picture here and then it’s a small climb up some stones and the steep down afterwards. But fun to ride and awesome technical training. So I can recommend going around this lake, Mjögasjön if you’re close by. Map and stats here so you can see where it is: Movescount

And today is the last training in Sweden and last ride of the year I guess on my Scalpel that will stay here. Will try a climb (with more altitude meters than yesterdays) that I never managed before and ride the trails me and Jonas missed on monday 🙂

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